Werner Enterprises Fourth Year as Technology Leader by Food Logistics

werner enterprises flatbed truck on the roadBeing a trucking company in the 21st century requires the use of technology. Thanks to software, smartphone apps, and wireless internet capabilities, truck drivers and carriers are moving freight more efficiently. One prime example of this is Werner Enterprises, a trucking company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Werner was recently recognized for its achievements with technology by the Food Logistics magazine. Find out what it takes to be on the Top Software and Technology Provider FL100+ list.

Leader in Trucking Technology

As one of the 2017 FL100+, Werner Enterprises has continued its record by being featured on this list every year from 2014 to 2017. That shows a strong dedication to utilizing the best trucking technology and software available. It also proves that Werner has the insight and equipment to help them meet these tech goals. Check out the top areas where Werner Enterprises uses software and technology to improve trucking efficiencies:

  • Barcode systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data synchronization
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Freight payment
  • Global trade management
  • Inventory control
  • Load planning
  • Mobile technology
  • Predictive analytics
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • Systems integration
  • Transportation management system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Wireless technology
  • Yard management

In fact, among the other 159 companies included on the FL100+ by Food Logistics, Werner is using more technologies identified by Food Logistics than most of the other companies listed. President and Chief Executive Officer Derek Leathers said of the recognition, “Werner places a high priority on our strategic investments in software and technology that help us enhance supply chain visibility for our customers, increase efficiency and advance our sustainability initiatives.”

About the Food Logistics List

This is the 14th year that Food Logistics magazine has chosen the top software and technology providers in the US. The companies up for selection are all involved in food and beverage industries in some way. For example, with Werner Enterprises the Nebraska trucking company provides refrigerated hauling and long-haul freight for food and beverage customers. To be selected for this prestigious listing, companies must show how they provide efficiencies in transportation and warehousing of products.

In addition, companies must prove they have safe operations, reduce waste, and practice compliance. For a trucking company like Werner Enterprises, this is already a part of the daily routine. Truck drivers for Werner take pride in being safe drivers and following DOT regulations. So getting recognized for these efficiencies is just icing on the cake for this Midwest trucking company.

Getting a Trucking Job at Werner

If you want to join a leader in the trucking industry, Werner Enterprises is now hiring truckers for several types of trucking jobs. These include:

  • Less than truckload freight hauling
  • Long haul trucking jobs
  • Regional freight hauling
  • OTR trucking jobs
  • Dry van hauls
  • Flatbed trucking jobs including RGN and step deck trailers
  • Oversized loads
  • Specialized freight hauling
  • Bulk or commodity trucking jobs
  • Refrigerated hauling
  • Team driving positions

If you have experience in either of these haul types, then you may be an ideal candidate for a top paying trucking job. In addition, Werner hires company drivers, as well as owner-operators and fleet owners. Best of all, you may be eligible for a substantial sign-on trucking bonus. Right now, dry van truck drivers and dedicated haulers can get a $5,000 sign-on bonus to be paid out within the first six months of hauling for Werner. Team truck drivers are also eligible for the $5,000 sign-on bonus.

Student Drivers at Werner Enterprises

What if you lack any truck driving experience or don’t even have your commercial driver’s license? Well, you are in luck. Werner has a Student Driver Program that helps you get the behind the wheel experience you need. You receive paid training with a qualified trainer at the rate of $550 a week for the first 275 hours of training. After that, you are able to pass a road test and get your own truck to start earning the big bucks.

If you have already graduated from trucking school, you may qualify for the tuition reimbursement program. That means you can go to truck driver training school for free while getting a trucking job right out of the CDL training program.

Military Truck Drivers

If you are in the military as an active Reservist or in the National Guard, or you are a military veteran looking for a civilian trucking job, Werner offers quite the advantage. Through the carrier, you can sign up for the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. You can earn up to $23,714 in GI Bill benefits as you apprentice to be a truck driver. You can also get tuition reimbursement if you attend truck driving school prior to the program.

Once in the apprenticeship program, you gain commercial driving skills and behind the wheel experience that allows you to kickstart your professional trucking career. Best of all, you are already in the position of driving for one of the most tech-savvy and forward-thinking trucking companies in the industry. It’s a great position to be in for a new truck driver searching for trucking jobs.

Source: Werner Enterprises – Press Releases

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