TAZ Trucking in Kentucky Expands Trucking Business

White Truck Cruising on County RoadFor the owners of TAZ Trucking, the dream of owning a 55-square-foot trucking terminal has been a long time coming. The owners, Tahir Zukic and Amira Zukic are natives of Bosnia who lived in Germany before immigrating to the US. Today the Zukics have gone from nothing to a trucking business that is growing fast and hiring new truck drivers. Check out the inspiring story behind this trucking company in Kentucky, and find out how you can get a trucking job at TAZ Trucking.

From Humble Beginnings

When husband and wife Tahir and Amira moved to the US, Tahir had a dream of starting a trucking company. Tahir adds that he “always liked American trucks and dreamed of driving one.” Yet when the couple arrived in the Southeast they didn’t even speak English, much less know how to establish a trucking business.

In fact, that was one of the first hurdles Tahir had to overcome. He had to learn to speak and read English fluently to be able to take the CDL examTahir was committed to the dream, and soon after he was rolling down the highway in his own big rig in 2004 when the Zukics started their own trucking business. Within a decade he and wife Amira had built up one of the biggest trucking companies in Kentucky, TAZ Trucking.

Now the company is bringing in a revenue of more than $20 million annually. In addition, TAZ Trucking was selected by the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for a Business Expansion Award. This award is allowing the trucking carrier to continue to grow its business in the right direction.

Expanding Trucking Operations

Today TAZ Trucking is running full speed and seeking to expand. Thanks to the Business Expansion Award, the owners are upgrading the existing trucking terminal. For 2018 the company will say goodbye to the current facility’s 8,000-square-feet of space. In its place in the South Industrial Park TAZ Trucking will amp up its capabilities in a 55,000-square-foot building. The new trucking terminal will have half a dozen service bays to better equip Kentucky truck drivers for the company.

Truck Driving Jobs at TAZ Trucking

To continue to increase trucking hauls TAZ Trucking owner Tahir will be focused more on handling dispatch, in addition to working as a diesel mechanic. His wife Amira will continue to work as the office manager and bookkeeper. In order to keep up the pace, TAZ Trucking is going to need to hire more truck drivers.

However, the company is searching for quality truck drivers. Tahir understands there is a driver shortage, yet he doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. In addition, Tahir said, “Eighty to 85 percent of my drivers stay with me for 10 years or more. Not a lot of younger people are doing it now. You have to treat drivers right if you want to keep them. It’s easy to buy a truck, but you need to make sure your drivers are happy.”

This new expansion will open the doors for at least 15 new trucking jobs for drivers at TAZ Trucking. The company hires drivers for the following types of trucking jobs:

  • Full truckload trucking jobs
  • Less than truckload jobs
  • Long haul trucking
  • Local trucking jobs
  • Trailer drop services
  • Team driving jobs for expedited hauls

The company provides jobs for dry van loads, hazardous materials hauling, and nonhazardous goods. Drivers haul freight throughout the Lower 48 states while utilizing the latest model equipment for freight services. In addition, as TAZ Trucking expands in 2018 the goal will be to include in-house freight and cargo dispatching. This is set to amp up the capabilities of this Kentucky trucking company. TAZ Trucking’s terminals also include a truck wash bay that allows drivers to maintain their rigs on site. The company also provides in-house diesel tech services including maintenance and repair to ensure drivers are operating in A-plus condition for each and every haul.

Drivers for TAZ Trucking will be in a prime place for getting the best paying freight out of the Southeast, and the Bowling Green area in particular. If you are interested in driving a truck for a local trucking company in Kentucky that is focused on quality drivers, then TAZ Trucking has a position for you. Submit your application to TAZ Trucking today to get started with this carrier and expand your job opportunities as a commercial truck driver in Kentucky.

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