Super Service Introduces Its Ground-Breaking P3 Program

trucks in a row with Super ServiceIncreasing earning power and taking control of their pay is a top priority for experienced professional truck drivers but until now, many struggled to find a carrier that allowed performance to dictate pay.  This is where Super Service has taken its cue in developing its ground-breaking P3 program (Performance Plus Pay) which enables drivers to boost their pay by as much as 6 cents per mile.“We have enormous respect for these driving professionals who have so many factors to contend with on the road. That’s why we want to pay them for their performance – to put the control in their hands,” says Vaughn Yow, Vice President of Operations.

With P3, drivers determine how much more they are paid above base rate based on these incentives:

  • HazMat endorsement (1¢/mile; endorsement reimbursed by Service Service)
  • Safety bonus (2¢/mile)
  • Availability (1¢/mile)
  • Miles per gallon incentive (1¢/mile)
  • Service performance (1¢/mile).

Every month, Super Service drivers will be evaluated on each of the incentive areas.  “If a driver hits all of the P3 incentives, their performance earns 6¢ more per mile. It’s their money to keep or not based on the previous month’s performance,” says Vaughn Yow, Vice President of Operations. “And since it’s evaluated monthly, you can always work toward getting them all next month. No long waiting for quarterly or yearly bonuses – each month their performance will dictate their pay.”

The P3 program, unique to Super Service, goes into effect July 1, 2017, and encompasses all drivers, new and existing.  “We want all experienced, professional drivers to know how much they’re valued here,” says Ronnie Presley, Director of Driver Recruiting.  “Our loyal drivers currently with us deserve this, and those experienced drivers out there who aren’t getting paid for their performance deserve to come to Super Service and get it too.”

For more information on the P3 program or to apply, recruiters are standing at 877-560-7537 or visit

 About Super Service, LLC

Super Service, LLC is one of the nation’s leading Regional and Dedicated Full Truckload carriers providing superior customer service in the transportation of general commodities.  Super Service operates regionally in the Southeast, Midwest and Eastern United States and has many dedicated operations located throughout the Unites States. With over 1,000 employees and contractors, Super Service, LLC provides solo and team service to a diverse group of customers, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. Super Service is committed to safety and customer service ensuring we are delivering on our promise to both employees and the companies we serve.

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