Old Dominion Recognized for Excellence in Security by the ATA

Each year the American Trucking Association (ATA) recognizes the top performing trucking companies across the nation. The association gives out awards to these industry leaders. This year Old Dominion was one of them. For 2017 Old Dominion is the proud recipient of the ATA Excellence in Security Award. This showcases the carrier’s ability to provide safe trucking jobs and secure freight loads from coast to coast.

ATA Excellence in Security Award

To be eligible for the ATA Excellence in Security Award, Old Dominion was judged based on some factors. This included the company’s type of security programs, as well as how these programs were implemented and their success rates. The company’s security policies were also evaluated to see if these hold up to the rigors of the industry. Security procedures, as well as safety training, and the company’s overall security record was also taken into consideration. Ultimately, of all trucking companies in the US that were evaluated by the ATA, Old Dominion rose to the top as the most secure company on the road today.

Regarding the award, Old Dominion Senior Vice President of Operations Dave Bates said, “To be recognized with this security award is truly an honor. We work around the clock to ensure our customer’s shipments are delivered error-free, and our employees are safe while doing it. Our commitment to having up to date claims prevention technology and safety training will help us continue to provide premium service moving forward.”

About Old Dominion

Old Dominion Freight Line was established way back when trucking was just getting started. The company was founded in 1934 and remains one of the oldest continually operating carriers in the US. When the company first got started, the focus was on providing LTL trucking jobs along with a single route in Virginia. Today the company remains a leader in LTL freight while expanding its freight routes to include international locations. The carrier has 227 shipping centers for LTL freight services, along with 32 transfer points. The company is able to serve the following states:

  • Western states—Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, Wyoming, Arizona, California, and Utah
  • Central states—South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota
  • Midwestern states—Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky
  • Northeastern region— Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, and Rhode Island
  • Southeastern US—Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee
  • Gulf Coast states—Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas New Mexico, and Oklahoma

By offering LTL trucking loads in each of these regions of the US, Old Dominion is one of the leaders of less than truckload freight in the nation.

Driving a Truck for Old Dominion

If you are interested in LTL trucking jobs with Old Dominion, the company hires drivers for line haul trucking jobs, as well as pickup/delivery drivers for LTL loads. As a company driver with LTL freight, you benefit from having regional routes. This means you get to stay close to home. Home time is never a problem because the most you are out on the road will be two to three days at a time. Furthermore, since Old Dominion has extensive contracts with its customers, most of the routes are regularly run giving you more stability in your truck driving schedule.

Driver Benefits at OD

When you get hired on at Old Dominion, you are eligible to receive some of the best trucking benefits in the industry. For starters, the company is a staunch supporter of the health and wellness of its drivers. After all, an investment in driver health is an investment in the overall fleet’s success.

As a result, Old Dominion offers some of the most affordable health insurance packages of any trucking company. You can take advantage of coverage for medical, vision, and dental benefits. Old Dominion pays for 80 percent of your health care insurance, giving you substantial savings. You can also opt to use a flexible spending account to pay for your medical needs, which is one of the more progressive types of health insurance in the marketplace.

The company also provides resources for truck drivers who are quitting tobacco and smoking. For women truck drivers, OD offers the Healthy Pregnancy Program to ensure the health of the pregnant mother and unborn infant.

Driving Jobs at Old Dominion

To get hired for truck driving jobs at Old Dominion choose between a line haul driver and delivery driver. As a line haul driver, you will carry freight over the road. This requires you to have a Class A CDL, as well as driving experience with OTR trucking jobs. You will also need to have at least one year of experience behind the wheel or be a recent trucking school graduate. You’ll also need to be at least 22.

Pickup and delivery driver jobs offer regional freight loads. With this type of trucking job, you’ll also need to be 22 and have one year of trucking experience or be a trucking school graduate. In addition, you will need to have all of your CDL endorsements.

Source: ODFL – News

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