Matheson Trucking in California Recognized by USPS for Service and Sustainability

matheson trucking driver on the roadAs a truck driver, you want to get rewarded for your hard work over the road. Getting paid well as a trucker is one of the best rewards you can get. So is being recognized by one of the biggest shipping customers in the US. Now, that’s something you can really add to your resume when searching for truck driving jobs.

Most lately, Matheson Trucking of Sacramento, California was recognized by the United States Postal Service with quite the honor. The USPS has awarded Matheson Trucking with the Supplier Sustainability Excellence Award. Check out what this means for Matheson and its truck drivers and how the company came to receive this recognition.

Matheson Earns Top Award

According to the Postmaster General and USPS CEO, Megan Brennan, Matheson Trucking was selected for the award “because of its high level of performance in supporting the Postal Service during 2016.” Brennan continues in a letter of acknowledgement to Matheson Trucking, “Your commitment to excellence was instrumental in helping us deliver superior service to our customers and achieve our mission of providing universal mail service to the American public. Your selection was endorsed by the Postal Service’s staff who have worked directly with your organization and who know firsthand about your outstanding performance.” Matheson Trucking has been hauling packages for the USPS for more than 43 years, according to CEO Mark Matheson.

Sustainable Truck Driving Services

Exactly what kind of sustainable truck driving services has Matheson Trucking provided for the USPS? For starters, Matheson is “dedicated to a policy of increasing the use of clean energy fuels to improve air quality, decrease diesel fuel consumption and reliance on foreign oil, while helping to preserve our environment,” according to its CEO.

To help accomplish this goal in green trucking, Matheson increased its fleet to include 27 compressed natural gas tractors. The company will be adding 12 more later in the year. This will bring the total number of CNG tractors to 64, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the company’s fleet. Compressed natural gas tractors at Matheson Trucking are cutting out more than 780,000 gallons of diesel annually.

The environmental benefits of taking that much diesel out of the trucking chain is substantial. It means that much less in diesel emissions and the dependence on fossil fuels. Matheson Trucking uses its CNG tractors for all its USPS hauls, allowing the national package shipper to reap the environmental benefits as well. This recognition by the USPS is a major deal in showing how much the shipper appreciates the trucking company’s efforts in sustainability.

As such, Charles Mellor, COO of Matheson Trucking, adds, “Speaking for our entire management team, we want to extend our personal thanks to all employees for their performance and cooperative business relationship with the Postal Service this past year. Everyone at Matheson should take great pride in knowing the important role they have played in helping to keep our postal system the best in the world.”

Driving a Truck for Matheson Trucking

Are you interested in a truck driving career at Matheson Trucking? This trucking company, founded in 1962, provides national trucking jobs. Whether you are interested in hauling for the USPS or for airport maintenance and terminal handling, Matheson has a job for you. Class A CDL truck drivers looking for a career must be able to pass a background check and be at least 21 years old to apply. You will also need to have at least one year of recent Class A trucking experience.

Drivers hauling for the USPS operate on a six-day schedule for a total workload of up to 35 hours a week. Your pay rate is based on the USPS wage determination schedule, which starts at $20.72 per hour plus full trucking benefits. To get started, apply at Matheson Trucking today!

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