Crete, Shaffer, and Hunt: A Trucking Trifecta

Crete Carrier Corporation, with partner companies Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation, forms one of America’s largest private trucking companies. Together, these three divisions are able to offer a full range of services to their customers with Crete Carrier specializing in dry van transportation, Hunt in specialized flatbed services, and Shaffer running temperature controlled loads. These trucks run all over the United States with terminals spread across the map to provide more resources and service to their drivers as well as their customers.

With more than 4,200 professional truck drivers in their ranks, Crete Carrier Corp has earned the right to boast about their low turnover rate in an industry that is highly competitive for drivers. The benefits and pay packages that are offered to company drivers and owner operators are constantly growing to meet employees’ needs.

In keeping with their patriotic spirit and a desire to assist their employees, Crete Carrier Corp offers a new specialized programs for military veterans. A new site has recently launched,, that provides information about Crete Carrier’s Military Transition Program to recruit veterans into the trucking industry. Also, they have recently initiated their own Patriot Fleet that employs only veterans to continue the camaraderie of service and retain truckers.

Hunt Transportation, the smallest division of the Crete Carrier Corp family, joined Crete in 1999 and has been rolling strong as their flatbed division ever since. Hunt continues to stick close to their agricultural roots; from the days of cattle hauls, they now will move any agricultural equipment that fits a flatbed trailer.

Shaffer Trucking, the temperature controlled division of the Crete Carrier companies, was founded in 1937 and based in Pennsylvania and Nebraska. As one of America’s largest refrigerated transportation companies, Shaffer delivers more candy than any other carrier, running from coast to coast to bring America’s food commodities home.

Cornering the market on the three largest divisions of the trucking industry, and doing it well, Crete Carrier Corp is working hard to hold their position as a top competitor among companies. Providing programs, benefits, and cream of the crop jobs to employees, Crete is good place to start when looking for a trucking company that is doing things right.


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