Great Changes Come to J.B. Hunt Transport in 2017

jb-hunt-truckThe trucking company giant, J.B. Hunt Transport, has made huge strides in 2017. While other trucking companies are merging or losing out to acquisitions, J.B. Hunt is pushing forward with some of the most innovative techniques and systems in the trucking industry. From collaborating with universities to installing a new CCO, J.B. Hunt has shown great determination in expanding as a trucking carrier. For truck drivers hoping to work for a trucking company that is destined for greatness, J.B. Hunt is a proven success story. Check out what J.B. Hunt has done so far in 2017, keeping in mind we are only halfway through the year.

Collaboration with University of Arkansas

In March, J.B. Hunt announced that it had joined up with the University of Arkansas to establish a supply chain innovation center. Along with this collaboration, J.B. Hunt gave an investment of $2.75 million that will be used to finance the newly named J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence.

According to Jim Coleman, Provost for the University of Arkansas, “This grant will have an incredible impact on the university and further solidify our stature as an innovative leader in supply chain management. Interdisciplinary research projects are a major focus of ours, and this particular collaboration between industry, faculty and students is a great example of the type of research we continue to pursue.”

More impressively, the center will focus on the use of technology for logistics, which is completely on par with the direction that J.B. Hunt has taken in trucking tech for the future.

J.B. Hunt Chief Information Officer, Stuart Scott, added, “The J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence will allow us to pursue revolutionary ideas in supply chain technology that can have a game-changing impact on the industry. The innovative ideas that will shape our industry’s future are with the students of today, and we’re proud to be working with some of the best and brightest business, engineering and computer science students at the University of Arkansas.

As our industry evolves, customers need more intelligent supply chain solutions to meet market demand. This collaboration is an investment in the future of J.B. Hunt and our ability to deliver customer value.”

This opens the doors for careers in supply chain and logistics alike, while recruiting students from the U of A for trucking jobs.

JB Hunt 360 Marketplace

In April, J.B. Hunt announced it had created J.B. Hunt 360, which is a marketplace for shippers and truck drivers. This marketplace uses real-time data and AI (artificial intelligence) to pair up drivers and their routes with customers based on load size. The goal is to make trucking hauls more efficient, saving time and fuel while getting shipments delivered on time, every time. Through J.B. Hunt 360, data is gathered by shippers and carriers, and this data is analyzed according to reviews, ratings, and preferences. Just like with an internet dating site, the marketplace plays matchmaker between shippers and truckers, finding the perfect match each and every time.

$500 Million Investment into Trucking Technology

At the same time that J.B. Hunt revealed the marketplace, the company announced it was investing $500 million in trucking tech. This is most likely the largest investment by any trucking company in the US in the past five years. More importantly, it shows the value that J.B. Hunt places in using technology to make its fleets more efficient. When it comes to saving time, reducing driver error, and cutting down on fuel usage, technology offers substantial benefits. J.B. Hunt stands to enjoy those benefits sooner than other trucking companies due to their substantial investment in tech.

New Chief Commercial Officer and Highway Services President

Also in April of this year, J.B. Hunt elected a new Chief Commercial Officer and President of Highway Services, Shelley Simpson. As Chief Commercial Officer, she is responsible for overseeing J.B. Hunt 360 in its infancy. In her new role as President of Highway Services, she takes on the responsibility for a new department that is part of the truckload and integrated capacity solutions departments of J.B. Hunt. Simpson is also the corporate Executive Vice President at J.B. Hunt, as well as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Clearly Simpson is taking the right step in her leadership roles at J.B. Hunt, for whom she has been employed since 1994. President and CEO of J.B. Hunt, John Roberts, had this to say about the new COO and Highway Services President, “I have great confidence in Shelley’s ability to lead our efforts to provide innovative, technology-based solutions for customers. She has a tremendous wealth of experience as a strategic leader and will be essential in helping J.B. Hunt deliver value to our customers in today’s digitally driven economy.”

Opens New Terminal in Lowell

In the latest news from J.B. Hunt, the trucking company leader has completed the construction of its corporate offices located in Lowell, Arkansas. This new facility features nearly half a million square feet of space. It will house an e-commerce department, sales, the Highway Services department, and other units. Additionally, the Million Mile Wall featuring each of the one million safe mile truck drivers at J.B. Hunt is now located at this brand-new facility.

Some unique features of the corporate building include a 24-hour gym and locker rooms, as well as a walking trail access to the nearby NW AR Razorback Regional Greenway. There is also a food court with indoor, as well as outdoor seating. Truck drivers for J.B. Hunt who are hauling through the Lowell area should stop in and check out this massive complex. Perhaps enjoy a stroll around the new walking trails? It sounds like an amazing workplace and an investment in the future of trucking jobs at J.B. Hunt.

So, what is up for J.B. Hunt for the rest of the year? Keep your ears open as there are sure to be more great things coming from this leader in the trucking industry.

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