Daseke Acquires Glass Hauling Carrier Moore Freight Services

truck for moore freight servicesIn one of three acquisitions in December 2017, Daseke, Inc. has recently purchased Moore Freight Services. This is a trucking company that provides specialized loads focused on glass hauling. In fact, there are only three of these flatbed glass hauling trucking companies currently operating in the US. Part of this is because carriers must have equipment configured to safely transport glass loads. Check out what it takes to be a glass hauler and why Moore Freight Service has chosen to join forces with the flatbed trucking powerhouse, Daseke.

History of Moore Freight Services

Moore Freight Services was founded in 2001 in Mascot, Tennessee just outside of Knoxville. Founder and CEO Dan Moore had worked in the glass hauling industry in a maintenance facility at A.J. Metler. This is where his passion for glass transport took root. He worked as the director of safety and then later as the company vice president. Then A.J. Metler was bought out, and Moore was left in a predicament. He could either relocate with his family or strike out solo. He took the latter option, and Moore Freight Services was born.

The first customer at Moore Freight Services was Ford Glass, which was a division of the automobile manufacturer. The shipments were hauled out of Tulsa, Oklahoma where Ford Glass manufactured residential and architectural glass. The problem was that MFS was stuck deadheading back from these Oklahoma loads to the Tennessee home base. All of those deadhead miles cost the company a substantial amount of money. In fact, the glass freight hauler was losing half of its total revenue due to deadheading.

Soon another customer contacted Moore Freight Service, reducing the expense of those deadhead miles and putting MFS in the red. It wasn’t long until the company was growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, Moore Freight Service was featured by Inc. Magazine on the list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies from 2008 to 2012. This secured Moore’s trucking company as a leader in the glass hauling industry and attracted a greater number of clientele and contracts.

Becoming a Flatbed Glass Hauler

The flatbed glass hauling company expanded to four locations throughout North America to provide more trucking jobs and customer opportunities. Today MFS has 300 specialized flatbed trailers for hauling glass. These include A-frame mounting systems for single and double drop deck configurations, as well as flatbed and specialized trailers. The carrier has also expanded into box trailers that feature a proprietary system for loading and unloading glass freight. This rolling rack loading system is patented by Mr. Moore.

The company also provides truck drivers with paid glass training when they are hired on and throughout their career at MFS. This ensures drivers have the skills needed to transport flat glass without breakage. Truck drivers are trained to transport uncrated and crated glass successfully. In addition, Moore Freight Services provides tools needed for securing loads and protecting it from the weather. All of this gives drivers the confidence and capabilities of transporting flat glass from coast to coast.

As for paying truck drivers to handle these specialized loads, Moore Freight Services Chief Operating Officer Grant Mize said, “We realize what we do is very specialized. It takes careful loading and careful driving to ensure a safe delivery. So, we compensate drivers well with the highest pay in the industry. We’re also particular about who we hire. We need experienced drivers and those who can fit into our culture. Not everyone qualifies. Those who do join us, stay. We very proudly have only a 15 percent driver turnover rate.”

MFS and Daseke Team Up

In the flatbed trucking industry, one company has exceeded growth expectations to become the biggest flatbed carrier group. We are talking about Daseke, Inc., a trucking company that has acquired more than a dozen companies in flatbed hauling in just a few years. Now Daseke is acquiring Moore Freight Services to increase the abilities of MFS even further.

Moore believes that Daseke is the key to this growth. When asked why Moore chose to go with Daseke, “I researched Don Daseke and the way he does business. He’s the only consolidator doing what he does. He supports each company that joins the family. He knows the operators are the experts. He supplies the capital for growth, and he has programs we can share in: collaboration with other elite Daseke companies, consolidated purchasing power, top-tier liability and health insurance, plus the driver stock ownership program.

All of this will help us and improve our bottom line. But, first and foremost, we would have never joined Daseke if I didn’t think it was best for our people. Per my vow in 2001, we need to be with a permanent home with a bright future — and Daseke is that home.”

By adding one of the only three flatbed glass haulers in the nation to the Daseke fleet of companies, CEO Don Daseke is able to fulfill a customer niche. Daseke adds, “That is a niche, a great niche, where only the best can scale up. We will put our full support behind Moore Freight Service and help them to accelerate their scale.

Not just anyone can haul oversized glass. It takes expertise that will not only maximize the load but also ensure its safety. Dan has been strategic with his patents, locations and especially his people. He and his management team are laser-focused on hauling glass. It will be exciting to watch them grow with Daseke.”

Source: Daseke – News

Covenant Transport Launches First-Of-Its-Kind $40,000 Teaming Bonus

logo for covenant transportBig pay increases are atop Covenant Transport’s New Year’s resolutions list this week, as company officials launch the expedited freight specialist’s $40,000 Teaming Bonus program aimed at teams and single drivers willing to convert to teaming.

The new program – which goes into effect Feb. 1 – pays $2,000 in bonus money to driving teams every time a team eclipses 60,000 paid miles together. The team drivers will receive $1,000 each, up to a total combined $40,000, or $20,000 each.

The bonus program comes as Covenant aims to grow its team truck count from its 2017 approximate average of 980 in the face of expected demand for team capacity in 2018, and sends a strong message to both existing and potential driving teams: we want you here.

“We have team freight,” said David Parker, founder and CEO of Covenant Transport Services. “That’s important to note, because a lot of carriers bring on team drivers and put them on solo lanes.” Parker, who founded Covenant Transport 32 years ago as a team carrier with wife Jacqueline, said “one of the most frustrating things for a team is being underutilized.”

“Teams want long lengths of haul, and that’s what we are focused on giving them,” he said.

Joey Hogan, president of Covenant Transport Services, said in an increasingly-competitive labor market, the new bonus program also solidifies Covenant’s place among top driver employers. “Rewarding people for doing the work you ask them to do is what attracts and retains the type of drivers you are looking for,” he said. “We feel our new teaming bonus will be a great reward for our team drivers who go out and run.”
Hogan said throughout 2017, Covenant felt growing competition for team drivers, “so we knew we had to start off the year by putting our stamp on what we specialize in, and that’s teaming.”

“We’re excited to offer these bonuses to our current team drivers,” he said, “and look forward to welcoming many new team drivers in 2018.”

To be eligible for the new $40,000 Teaming Bonus, new drivers are not required to bring a team partner to Covenant. The company’s team matching program will match single drivers in search of driving partners, and following orientation, newly-formed teams are immediately eligible to begin earning under the $40,000 Teaming Bonus program.For more information about Covenant Transport, visit www.covenanttransport.com.

About Covenant Transport Services

Covenant Transport Services is a registered tradename of Covenant Transport, Inc., Covenant Transport Solutions, Inc., Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc. and Star Transportation, Inc. Covenant Transport Services represents more than 30 years of expertise and leadership in expedited and team truckload; temperature-controlled truckload; dedicated truckload; and managed transportation services. Covenant Transport Services is represented by a national enterprise-wide sales team. Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. (CTG) is the parent holding company for several transportation providers that offer premium services for customers throughout the United States and Mexico. The consolidated group includes operations from Covenant Transport, Inc. and Covenant Transport Solutions, Inc., of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc., of Texarkana, Ark.; and Star Transportation, Inc., of Nashville, Tenn. In addition, Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC, of Chattanooga, Tenn. is an integral affiliated company providing revenue equipment sales and leasing services to the trucking industry. CTG’s Class A common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select market under the symbol, “CVTI”.

Great Lakes Truck Driving School Four-Year as Military Friendly

white truck on the highwayIf you are an active duty serviceman or woman, or you are a reservist or military veteran transitioning to a trucking career, it can be difficult. For starters, you may have professional military trucking experience that doesn’t translate to commercial experience. Also, you’ll need to get a CDL, which is a lengthy process that requires specialized training. Fortunately, there is a trucking school in Ohio that is recognized as a Military Friendly School. Find out what this recognition means for the Great Lakes Truck Driving School in Columbia Station, Ohio.

Military Friendly Trucking School

To be recognized as a Military Friendly school, the GLTDS is beyond committed to service members of the military. All schools must provide some degree of assistance for active duty, veteran, and reservist members. This is a requirement under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. However, schools that step up and provide more value-added services for students in the military are recognized for their efforts. This is where the Military Friendly status comes into the situation.

Military Friendly is a program not affiliated with the Department of Defense that searches for the schools and businesses going above and beyond the basic requirements. These schools, which include the Great Lakes Truck Driving School, offer specialized training programs and services geared at this demographic.

Military Truck Driver Programs

At the GLTDS, veterans benefit from having a staff that is more than 50 percent military veterans. This shows the willingness to employ vets as instructors in truck driver training. However, it goes a step further. By having veterans in place as instructors at the school, students who are in the military gain more applicable job training. They can learn from other military personnel who have been where they are, whether this applies to learning how to get a CDL or the process of receiving GI Bill benefits.

In addition, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School is set up to offer students with assistance in getting their Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill and Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation benefits. These benefits require an application process that GLTDS is prepared to help students go through. Again, since the instructors include a large number of military veterans, these teachers understand a great deal about applying for all GI Bill benefits and can provide valuable guidance.

Top 10 Military Friendly School

Thanks to this dedication to service members, the GLTDS has been recognized as a Military Friendly school for four years consecutively. In fact, for 2018, the school is noted as a Top 10 Gold school and ranked as No. 5 of all non-traditional schools in the US. The trucking school in Ohio exceeds the standards of Military Friendly schools in the following categories:

  • Admissions and trucking school orientation
  • Academic policies and compliance with regulations
  • Culture and commitment to training students
  • Financial aid and assistance including GI Bill assistance
  • Graduation and career goals including job placement
  • Military student support and job retention

In fact, 84 percent of military truck drivers who complete the truck driving training program get hired right out of trucking school. The remaining percentage have the skills needed to get a CDL and find the top paying trucking jobs. Overall, the success for military students at the Great Lakes Truck Driving School is highly effective. The school values dedication, honor, and discipline, which are the same values expected in the US military—and of trucking companies hiring quality truck drivers.

Going to Ohio Trucking School

So what do you need to do to get started with trucking school in Ohio? At the Great Lakes Truck Driving School, students start by choosing a program that best suits their career goals. These programs include:

  • CDL Skills Training
  • CDL Skills and Heavy Equipment Training
  • Advanced CDL Skills and Heavy Equipment Training
  • Premier Driver Development Program with two-course options

For students who are new to the trucking industry who simply want to be prepared for a CDL, the CDL Skills Training program is an optimal route. This program lasts for 5 weeks and includes 200 contact hours. It prepares students to get a Class A CDL and pursue a truck driving job.

The heavy equipment training includes hands-on experience with heavy equipment operation. This teaches students how to operate skid steers, bulldozers, backhoes, and other types of heavy equipment. Also, these students learn the skills needed to get a CDL. This class is for trucking students interested in a career that prepares them for hauling heavy equipment, such as for construction companies or oil drilling mines.

The advanced skills course simply adds more contact hours for a total of 400-course hours. In addition, this course takes 11 weeks to complete full time. As for the premier driver development program, this gives students 15 weeks of training. It also includes the most credit time at 600 contact hours. Students in Option 1 learn how to work in oilfields as a trucker, while Option 2 prepares students for heavy equipment job situations.

Source: Military Friendly – Schools

Werner Enterprises Partners with Military Friendly Schools

werner truck on the highwayMilitary veteran drivers who enter the civilian workforce for a truck driving career must essentially start over. These experienced truck drivers may have ample driving experience while in the military. However, they must get a commercial driver’s license and be able to show verifiable driving experience to get a trucking job. Fortunately, there are schools and trucking companies in the US working together to make it easier for veteran drivers to get a trucking job. Check out what the Military Friendly designation is all about, and how Werner Enterprises is doing to train military veteran drivers.

About the Military Friendly Designation

Each year the Military Friendly Advisory Council takes a detailed analysis of colleges and universities in the US. The goal is to use survey data, personal data from veterans, and public data sources to determine which schools are the most military-friendly. The methodology and results are audited by Ernst and Young, a third party consulting firm, and then published to the public.

Schools that are evaluated include community colleges, private schools, public schools, vocational/tech programs, non-traditional schools, online programs, and doctorate programs. The goal is to determine which schools rank the best in terms of working with military veterans who are students. For military vets who are entering the commercial trucking industry, they need to return to school to train to get a commercial driver’s license or CDL.

As non-traditional students, these individuals may want to choose a trucking school that is listed as one of the Military Friendly designated schools. These schools will cater to the needs of military veterans, such as helping them use GI Bill benefits to pay for school. These schools may also provide resources for assisting vet truck drivers to secure FMCSA grants for military drivers or exemptions for the written portion of the CDL exam.

Choosing a Military Friendly Trucking School at Werner

Werner Enterprises is connected with two truck driving schools in the US that were recognized as Military Friendly. These include several Roadmaster Drivers Schools and the American Institute of Trucking. Students who go through the truck driving programs at these schools will have connections to recruiters from Werner Enterprises. Also, Werner offers pre-hire letters to attend orientation upon graduation from a partnering trucking school. Students in trucking school want to get pre-hire letters because it provides them with an entry into the truck driving job pool.

The Military Friendly designated Roadmaster Drivers School locations include:

  • Dunn, North Carolina, which was recognized as a silver level school
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Fontana, California
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida

The American Institute of Trucking schools in the following cities were named as Military Friendly:

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

These schools ranked high on the data evaluation thanks to their work with military veteran students. This includes everything from assistance with financial needs to job placement assistance.

Regarding the association with these Military Friendly trucking schools, Derek Leathers, CEO and President of Werner Enterprises, said, “We take great pride in partnering with Roadmaster Drivers School and AIT Truck Driver Training to secure the success of the next generation of drivers for the entire industry. This recognition aligns with our commitment to hiring only the most elite professional drivers in the industry, and our military service members and spouses consistently prove that they are the best of the best.”

Military Veteran Drivers at Werner Enterprises

If you are a military veteran who is entering the trucking industry, Werner Enterprises offers specialized benefits for this demographic. As a vet, you can enroll in the VA Approved Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. This program is the first and only of its kind in the nation. Once in the program, veterans with the Post-9/11 GI Bill are eligible to get a max of $23,714 in benefits while training. This money is in addition to the amount of pay earned by drivers in training at Werner, which is $550 a week for the first 275 hours of training.

Students in trucking school through Werner Enterprises are also eligible to receive tuition reimbursement. This is vital for military vet students who do not have any GI Bill benefits or other means of paying for training. It covers their tuition costs that they have to pay out of pocket for trucking school. In this program, drivers will receive up to $15,000 in reimbursement.

So how do you get into the VA Approved Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program at Werner Enterprises? First of all, you must graduate from a truck driving school that is a partner with Werner, such as the AIT or Roadmaster Drivers School. In addition, you must be an experienced driver but with limited verifiable experience hauling as a commercial driver. Finally, you must get a trucking job at Werner to be eligible to join the apprenticeship program.

Source: Werner Enterprises – Press Release

Super Service Starts New Year with Driver Pay Raise

trucks in a row with Super ServiceSuper Service, one of the nation’s leading regional and dedicated full truckload carriers, has already added big earning additions for drivers this year with its P3 program but has now jumped ahead of other carriers by upping pay across the board for company drivers, students, and teams.

“This is a huge pay raise! OTR company drivers and teams will earn 4¢ more per mile while students and regional drivers will earn 2¢ more per mile,” says Vaughn Yow, Vice President of Operations for Super Service. “Not only does that significantly boost the drivers’ paychecks, when it’s combined with our groundbreaking P3 program, we’re talking the potential for a 10¢-per-mile raise!”

Super Service’s P3 program (Performance Plus Pay) enables drivers to increase their pay through performance by as much as 6¢ per mile.  With P3, drivers determine how much more they are paid above base rate – which is now even higher — based on these incentives: HazMat endorsement (1¢/mile; endorsement reimbursed by Super Service); Safety bonus (2¢/mile); Availability (1¢/mile); Miles per gallon (1¢/mile); and Service performance (1¢/mile). Every month, Super Service drivers will be evaluated on each of the incentive areas.

According to Ronnie Presley, Director of Driver Recruiting, Super Service is dedicated to hiring – and rewarding—great drivers. “That’s why the company also offers a $5,000 sign-on-bonus to the newly raised pay package and P3 program,” says Presley. “Now, drivers from students to experienced to teams can reach the earnings they want at Super Service.”

For more information on current openings or to apply now, recruiters are standing by at 877-560-7537 or visit driveforsuperservice.com.

About Super Service, LLC

Super Service, LLC is one of the nation’s leading Regional and Dedicated Full Truckload carriers providing superior customer service in the transportation of general commodities.  Super Service operates regionally in the Southeast, Midwest and Eastern United States and has many dedicated operations located throughout the Unites States. With over 1,000 employees and contractors, Super Service, LLC provides solo and team service to a diverse group of customers, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. Super Service is committed to safety and customer service ensuring we are delivering on our promise to both employees and the companies we serve.

Becoming a Leased Owner Operator at All State Express

white truck on the roadTruck drivers who are interested in becoming an owner operator have a few routes to take. You can purchase a big rig outright, but this requires either a hefty down payment or a bank loan with monthly payments as large as a mortgage. Another option is to lease a truck from a trucking company like All State Express. When you lease-to-purchase your tractor-trailer, you can typically save money, as well as the hassle of getting a loan for a semi-truck. If you are interested in the All State Express truck leasing program, here is how it works.

Getting Started with All State Express

When you get hired by All State Express, you have the opportunity to become a leased owner-operator contracted to the company. This provides you with the advantage of leasing your truck and trailer through ASE so that your payments are minimized. At the same time, you benefit from the full benefits of being an owner-operator, which is light-years ahead of the concept of OOs at most trucking companies. All State Express positions you in the driving lane as an owner-operator with full benefits to ensure you have the most control over your truck driving jobs.

Benefits for Owner Operators at ASE

As an owner operator working at ASE, you stand to gain top perks in the industry. These include:

  • Aggressive linehaul rates
  • Substantial fuel surcharge
  • 24/7 support through the coordination center at All State Express headquarters
  • No-force dispatch

When you haul freight for All State Express, you have total control over your workload. This allows you to find freight and routes that agree with your hours of service requirements, so you don’t go over on your hours and jeopardize your CDL. At the same time, if you need more home time or to take planned time off, you have the full advantage of doing so thanks to the no-force dispatch system at ASE. The company truly lets you run as an official owner operator by giving you full reign of your trucking enterprise. And, no, you do not receive penalties, if you choose to turn down loads or are out of service for an upcoming route.

Truck Driver Certifications and Endorsements

Additionally, the company works with its drivers to better their trucking career opportunities by offering ongoing safety training and truck driver certifications. As an owner operator at All State Express, this NC trucking company will provide you with the tools needed for the following:

  • Hazardous materials endorsement on your CDL
  • TWIC Card or Transportation Worker Identification Credential for hauling freight via Maritime Transportation Security posts, i.e., port authorities and military bases

These are two of the most sought-after trucking credentials for any truck driver. By getting your hazmat endorsement and TWIC card, you are available to pick up the best-paying trucking jobs and loads. All State Express just gives you the tools needed to make these certifications happen.

About All State Express

All State Express is a trucking company in North Carolina that was founded in 1996 by Spencer Squier. The original hauls for ASE were medical supplies, as ASE was a medical courier for the healthcare sector in North Carolina. The company even had the American Red Cross as a contracted client.

By 1998, the company became incorporated and moved to more long-haul, over-the-road transport. This transition provided All State Express with the financial capabilities to expand throughout the US, as well as in Canada and Mexico, with OTR freight hauling and logistics.

Today, All State Express is recognized by INC magazine as one of the US’s fastest-growing small businesses. ASE was also recognized by the Women Business Enterprise National Council as the second largest transportation provider in the Southeast.

If you are interested in trucking jobs in the Southeast and out of North Carolina, then getting started with All State Express offers you great growth potential. All State Express is currently hiring owner operators or truck drivers hoping to get in the owner-operator position.

FedEx Supports Troops With Overseas Christmas Tree Deliveries

fedex truck on the roadIf you have any military relatives or friends who are serving overseas, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. This holiday season, if they are living in countries far away like Afghanistan or Guam, trying to get into the spirit of Christmas can seem impossible. One way to overcome the long distance is to bring a piece of Christmas to these soldiers and their families. This is where Trees for Troops comes in, by shipping live trees to families both overseas and in the US. One trucking carrier, FedEx, is lending a hauling hand by delivering the 200,000th tree for the program.

FedEx Delivers Christmas Trees

Back to those fictional families overseas in Guam and Afghanistan. FedEx is delivering Christmas trees to our military members who are living in those two countries. In total, 250 real trees provided by the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association will depart from Thorntown, Indiana. FedEx will deliver these just time for Christmas for service members.

Afterward, FedEx will be on tree duty to delivery 17,000 more trees for US military bases nationwide. And one of these trees will be the 200,000th tree that was delivered through this initiative. That means nearly a quarter of a million trees were given to military members over the past 13 years the program has been in operation. This includes trees delivered to 65 military bases scattered across 17 countries around the globe.

According to CEO and President of FedEx Freight Mike Ducker, “The Trees For Troops program is about more than just delivering trees—we are delivering a piece of the Christmas spirit to our U.S. military and their families. To be able to say we’ve helped bring more than 200,000 trees to so many of our heroes is an honor, and it shows our appreciation for the sacrifice these men and women and their families have made for our country.”

Hauling During the Holidays

Keep in mind that FedEx is also a significant player in LTL trucking jobs here in the US this holiday season. According to FedEx, the 2017 holiday shipping season is expected to exceed all records. A prime reason for this is the increase in e-commerce and two-day shipping that is quickly becoming the standard thanks to the prevalence of Amazon Prime shipping. As a result, FedEx is predicting that the holidays will account for up to 400 million packages shipped. That breaks down to 13 million packages every single day for 30 days during the holidays.

Increased Hauls on Mondays

For your information, the busiest shipping days for FedEx will be Monday. In fact, in only three Mondays during December, this will account for more than 26 million shipments each day for a total of nearly 90 million shipments—in just three days. That is half of the volume of the entire holiday season. If you are hauling LTL freight, you can also expect to see an increase in freight on Mondays, most likely due to the two-day weekend that often leaves packages sitting from Friday to Monday. Use this information to better plan your routes and hauls for deliveries, and expect delays at unloading docks if you have Monday deliveries.

Driving for FedEx

If you are an owner-operator, you may be able to help handle everything from live Christmas trees for the military to holiday package deliveries to households. The FedEx Custom Critical fleet hires owner-operators to help transport freight over the long haul. As an over the road truck driver you would be transporting packages to distribution centers coast to coast. Better yet, this allows you to contract with the trucking carrier for the holidays as an independent contractor. You retain the flexibility to haul for other trucking companies and shippers other times during the year.

At the same time, you may choose to stay driving for FedEx Custom Critical in a long-term arrangement. To get started all you need is a valid CDL in Class A to operate a tractor-trailer, as well as being able to pass a DOT drug screen. Start your trucking career with FedEx by applying today.

Source: FedEx – Newsroom

Agents at Atlas Van Lines Receive Dozens of Accolades

truck on the road for atlas van linesAtlas Van Lines is a top performing moving company in the US. In fact, Atlas Van Lines has agents in North America that handle more than 80,000 moves annually among 500 agents. Most recently the company received dozens of honors and accolades for a job well done in the industry. Check out the companies working as agents for Atlas Van Lines that were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the moving industry.

About the Atlas Agent Awards

Atlas agents are associates that work as part of the Atlas World Group and help achieve the goals of Atlas Van Lines. Regarding the awards, Jack Griffin, the CEO and Vice Chairman of Atlas World Group, said, “We salute all 12 Atlas Agents who won these top honors from such prestigious groups as Cartus and BGRS. These agents make us proud to be part of the moving industry, and we’re thankful they’re part of the Atlas agency network.” Here is a list of the Atlas agents that were recipients of awards this round:

  • Smith Dray Line and Storage, Inc.
  • A-1 Moving and Storage
  • Ace Relocation Systems, Inc.
  • Imlach Group
  • Weleski Transfer
  • Imlach Group
  • Nelson Westerberg
  • Reads Moving Systems
  • Powell Relocation Group
  • Wm. Duggan Co, Inc.
  • Celina Moving and Storage, Inc.
  • DMS Moving Systems, Inc.
  • King’s Transfer Van Lines Calgary
  • AMJ Campbell Moving Company Toronto
  • Atlantic Relocation Systems
  • Ace World Wide

These companies received a range of awards including Cartus Global Network Conference and BGRS Awards, as well as Move For Hunger awards. By working with the top-performing carriers in the moving industry, Atlas Van Lines can excel and reach its own industry goals.

Driving a Truck for Atlas Van Lines

For truck drivers who are interested in joining this award-winning fleet with trucking jobs at Atlas Van Lines, there are a couple of routes to take. You can apply for trucking jobs as a driver for Atlas Van Lines. This type of work focuses on regional hauls and local truckloads. Drivers for Atlas Van Lines must have a Class A CDL so they can pull trailers from the manufacturers to be delivered to local Atlas locations. Drivers for Atlas receive top benefits including health insurance benefits, 401k retirement plans, paid holidays, paid vacation days, and access to an onsite health and wellness center.

Driving for Atlas Agents

Another option for truckers looking for hauls is to work for one of the agents of Atlas Van Lines. For example, you can get hired by DMS Moving Systems, Atlantic Relocation Systems, or Smith Dray Line and Storage, Inc. These companies each require their own hiring qualifications and expectations. You can typically find a wide variety of haul types at these companies. While you might think that moving companies only handle local and regional deliveries, as well as last mile services, this is not the case. Many of the Atlas agents provide long distance moving, interstate moving, and long-haul services.

In addition, the majority of the Atlas agents also provide specialized moving services. For example, at DMS Moving Systems you can find work as a commercial mover providing temperature controlled freight hauling and long distance corporate container hauls. You can also find trucking jobs involving government and military hauling. These types of hauls are drop and hook and involve no touch freight. Essentially you would be providing dry van trucking jobs for customers that is much different from what drivers think of in regards to moving truck services.

Driving a truck for an Atlas agent or other long distance moving company gives you the advantage of taking top paying over the road trucking jobs. You aren’t stuck handling hand trucks and moving boxes as with most local moving jobs. For truck drivers who are interested in expanding their resume and trying something new, this type of long-haul trucking position offers both good money and freedom of the open road. Plus, when you drive a truck for an Atlas agent you can rest assured that you are driving for one of the top-rated trucking carriers in the moving industry.

Source: Atlas Van Lines – Press Releases

Truck Driver Training in Illinois at Lincoln Land Community College

Residents in Illinois who are considering a career in truck driving have another outlet for training. At Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois students can complete a Truck Driver Training program. This course provides students with the skills needed to successfully get a commercial driver’s license and all of the endorsements. If you are interested in trucking school in Illinois, read on to learn all of the details you need to get started.

About Truck Driver Training in Illinois

The Truck Driver Training program at Lincoln Land Community College is a certification course. After you complete the four to six weeks of training, you will receive a certificate of completion in CDL basics. The difference in length of the program depends on whether you attend day or evening classes, with day classes taking four weeks and evening classes lasting for six weeks. Once you complete the training program for truckers, you will be ready to take the Class A CDL exam to get your trucking license. Keep in mind you may pass the course, but not get your CDL if you fail that exam, so it is essential for trucking students to pay attention in the class.

What to Expect in Trucking School

The school provides five semi trucks, various years of Freightliner tractors, for students to utilize for behind the wheel training. The trucks are straight ten speeds and are pulling standard length 53-foot dry van trailers. Along with the trucks, students also have access to classroom instruction. Overall, students receive training in maintaining a logbook, reading a map, routing, and backing skills, in addition to the behind the wheel instruction. The program keeps a low ratio of students at a rate of three students to one teacher. This ensures that all students get ample time to drive and operate a truck.

Daily Schedule for Training Course

The daytime course is Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm for four weeks as noted. The evening course is also Monday through Friday but from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. In the program, students begin by studying the book knowledge necessary for passing the written portion of the CDL exam. This includes learning about hours of service rules, truck driver inspections, vehicle inspections, and planning a route. From the very beginning, a trucking recruiter will begin visiting students to provide networking and industry advice. This is an excellent way for students to start learning more about the job market and what to expect regarding job offers.

The next part of the training is focused on driving skills and learning to operate a tractor and trailer. Students will practice hooking a trailer and learn the valuable skill of drop-and-hook for loads. They will also develop shifting skills and learn how to properly back a trailer on an axle. This is essential for being able to pass the Class A CDL exam. With an instructor in the front seat with them mentoring at every mile students will be able to drive on the roads including city streets and US highways. This is an important part of the training process as it puts the student in the driver’s seat quite literally.

Graduating From Trucking School

Once you complete the program, you will receive seven college credits from Lincoln Land Community College. Additionally, during the LLCC graduation ceremony, you will receive your trucking school certificate. After you have completed the program and passed the CDL exam in Illinois, you are ready for employment by trucking companies. To assist student drivers, the program provides weekly recruitment sessions at the school from local trucking employers. The program has a 100 percent success rate in finding trucking jobs for student drivers. You also receive job placement assistance for the rest of your life as a student of the program.

Getting Started With Truck Driver Training

If you are ready to invest the next month to month and a half of your life for your future trucking jobs, then it’s time to go to the next level. Submit an application with Lincoln Land Community College’s Truck Driver Training program. You will be required to make a site visit and sit for an interview with an instructor or head of the program. You’ll also have to present your Department of Motor Vehicles driving record to show your driving history. If you pass the interview and have a clean DMV history, then you’ll be able to enroll in the trucking school.

Cost of Trucking School

The cost of the program is $3,900. In addition, you are responsible for paying for a Department of Transportation drug test and physical exam by a certified medical examiner, which is a total cost of $123. You’ll also have to pay for your CDL exam and for any endorsement exams you choose to take. While students at this trucking program are not eligible for federal student aid including the Pell grant, military veterans entering the trucking school may be able to use GI Bill benefits. Besides, once you graduate you can always get hired by a trucking company that provides 100 percent tuition reimbursement.

Source: Lincoln Land Community College – Info

Truck Driving Skills Competition Raises Charitable Funds

black werner truckWhat do long, cold winter nights and days of holiday cheer mean for truckers? It’s a perfect time to think about ways to help others who are less fortunate. If this sounds like you and you are interested in being charitable, check out Safety Drive for a Cure. This trucker-friendly charity supports the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Test your truck driving skills as you raise money to help children who are diagnosed with brain tumors, both in financial support and research to find a cure. Here is what you need to know to get started with Safety Drive for a Cure in 2018.

What to Expect During Trucking Competition

When you register for the Safety Drive for a Cure campaign you enter a truck safety and skills competition. This competition is formulated along the same lines as the Truck Driving Championship that is held each year nationally. As a truck driver, you get a chance to show how good of a trucker you really are, while also helping to raise funds for those children supported by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The Safety Drive for a Cure event for 2018 will be held on March 17, 2018, in Ellenwood, Georgia at the Holland, Inc., which is the Atlanta trucking terminal for Holland. YRC Freight is also a managing entity involved in this campaign.

Registering for Safety Drive for a Cure

To register for the charitable competition, you will need to complete a few tasks. Give yourself plenty of time to sign up and make a donation of $50, which is akin to an entry fee. Your donation and application that you can download here must be submitted by the deadline of February 23, 2018. When you submit an application, you’ll need to identify yourself as a rookie, management, or retired driver.

You will also need to complete a written exam and pass a truck inspection. During the competition you are going to use your own semi truck, so you’ll also need to have access and/or permission from your trucking employer to do so. If you are not an active truck driver or you want to help the organization but not compete, there are plenty of opportunities for you. The foundation is also asking for volunteers to help coordinate the trucking competition and handle the organizational tasks, such as paperwork filing, etc. You can also help by donating equipment to

History and Sponsors

Safety Drive for a Cure has been taking place each year since 2014. Last year there were more than 100 truck drivers that came in from 16 states as part of the fundraiser. These drivers helped raise more than $25,000 for the foundation. This year sponsors for the event include several of the top paying trucking companies including ABF, Werner Enterprises, Dickinson Fleet Services, Act, Kennesaw Transportation, Kenan Advantage Group, FedEx, and of course YRC Freight and Holland. If you are employed by one of these sponsors, find out if they will provide you with the opportunity to support this charitable competition.

Source: Safety Drive for a Cure – Info