Schneider National Shifts into Automatic Manual Transmissions

schneider truckIf you are new to the trucking industry or considering a career as a truck driver, there is one key to being a success. You have to know how to drive a big rig. In the past, tractor trucks came standard issue with an 18-speed transmission. This required you to learn how to shift those gears before you could get a commercial driver’s license. This was not a problem for most newbie truckers, since a good portion of passenger cars came with a stick shift. Not the case anymore, and trucking companies like Schneider National are following suit. By transitioning to automatic transmissions, truckers who don’t have manual driving experience are better positioned to be able to drive a big rig.

Benefits of Going Automatic Manual in Trucking

Why would a company as big as Schneider, currently ranked No. 6 among the Top 100 for-hire carriers, spend the money to make all trucks automatic manual? According to Schneider VP of Equipment, Maintenance, and Driver Recruiting, Rob Reich, “We have been testing various versions of automated transmission tractors since 2007, so we had a lot of experience behind us when we made the decision in 2015 to start transforming the fleet.” There are also several benefits in doing so including:

  • Automatic transmissions are more energy efficient, which means they use less fuel and give off fewer diesel emissions making the trucks on board with environmental expectations.
  • Automatics are easier to operate especially for the millennial trucking generation that didn’t grow up using a stick shift.
  • An automatic transmission requires less maintenance compared to standard manual transmissions.

By choosing to convert more than half of its fleet with automated manual transmissions, Schneider is hoping to improve its trucking capabilities. In addition to spending less on fuel, the company is striving to spend less on job recruitment and driver turnover. Equipping new drivers with less taxing and tedious trucking equipment will in turn give them less cause to want to quit their trucking job at Schneider and go somewhere else.

Schneider’s AMT Plan

Furthermore, Schneider National expects to have its entire fleet converted to AMTs by 2019. This would make Schneider the biggest trucking company in the US that will have gone completely automatic. So how do truckers and higher-ups feel about this transition in transmissions?

Reich notes that, “Ever since [we started transitioning], we have been very impressed with the dependability of these tractors. In fact, we’ve had fewer maintenance issues with them than we’ve seen with the manual-transmission tractors, which is not what we expected. We’re extremely pleased with the performance of these vehicles—and more importantly, so are drivers.”

Jim Czachor, a long time Schneider truck driver, who was on board with the pilot test for the program, said, “At first, I was wondering what I got myself into, so I asked my dispatcher, ‘If I absolutely can’t stand this, can I have my 10-speed manual back?’ Well, long story short, there’s no way I’d ever go back to a manual transmission.”

Among the newer truck driving recruits, there is even more enthusiasm for the switchover. Pam Taylor, Schneider National truck driver, added, “I learned how to drive on a manual at a truck driving school, but I’ve been driving an automated [transmission] since shortly after joining Schneider. Once I got in it, I was in love with it, and I prefer it over a manual any day! It’s easier to drive, and I also feel safer behind the wheel because it allows me to keep my focus on the road. I don’t have to shift down if something jumps out in front of me.”

Future of Truck Driving

We can expect to see more trucking companies, especially the larger carriers with a bigger budget for retrofitting and upgrading trucks, move toward AMTs in the future. There are too many pros for automatic manual transmissions in the trucking world to let this type of equipment be left by the wayside. As the trucking industry continues to increase its need for truck drivers, while looking for ways to cut fuel costs, automatics fit the bill and then some. Bottom line, if truck drivers are willing to operate an automatic with little resistance, then you can bank on other carriers taking up this more efficient, easier-to-operate type of transmission in big rigs.

Source: Schneider – Newsroom

CFI Appoints New Senior Vice President for Sales and Operations

cfi truck out in the desertCFI has recently named a new leader in its team of logistics administrators. Greg Orr comes to CFI with extensive truck driving leadership experience. Orr has stepped in as Senior VP for the Sales and Operations department in Joplin, Missouri as of July 2017. He will report directly to Tim Staroba, the President of CFI. Meet Greg Orr and find out how you can get a job in trucking at CFI now that Orr is on the job.

Meet Greg Orr of CFI

Greg Orr comes with a long list of job experiences that make him well suited for this senior VP position. He has worked in the following leadership capacities in the trucking industry:

  • Vice President and General Accounts Manager for Schneider National
  • Vice President of Operations for Greatwide Dedicated Transport of Dallas, TX
  • President and VP of Operations at Conway Multimodal at the Frisco, TX location
  • President of Action Resources, which is a hazmat and bulk chemical hauling trucking company in Birmingham, AL

He worked as a Regional Operations Manager for Wal-Mart prior to his expansive trucking leadership roles. Orr graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. While attending, he played for the college baseball team all four years.

According to Richard Metzler, Chief Marketing Officer for uShip, “Greg is a quality-driven leader who had good balance between the customer, the team and the bottom line. He is one of those guys where you knew that even the toughest business challenges were in good hands. I have met few others in my career who had the judgment and perspective to drive a balanced business perspective forward.” CFI has provided Orr with a position that will hopefully allow him to showcase his leadership skills to propel this trucking company toward even greater days.

About CFI

CFI was founded in 1951 in Joplin, MO, and today the company has five locations throughout the US:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Joplin, MO
  • Memphis, TN
  • Laredo, TX
  • Taylor, MI

The company also has truck driver facilities in several states of Mexico via CFI Logistica, as well as in Canada. Additional facilities in the US are in:

  • Lawrenceville, GA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Joseph, MO
  • Pocahontas, IL
  • Kansas City, MO

These strategic locations include drop points in Southern California, New Mexico, and Arizona. The trucking company of CFI provides valuable hauling that includes LTL hauls, full truckload services, and package/courier, as well as logistics management.

Dry Van Trucking Jobs at CFI

CFI is a leader in dry van trucking jobs in the US with more than 2,400 company truck driving positions. The carrier also hires independent contractors to the tune of 8,000-plus drivers. Additionally, CFI hires the following types of truck drivers:

  • Solo truck driving jobs
  • Team-driving positions
  • Dedicated truck driving jobs
  • Company truck driver positions
  • Independent contractor jobs

The company also hires student drivers who can go to trucking school at several sponsored schools, including the Truck Dynasty Driving Academy in Springfield, MO.

Team Driving Jobs at CFI

Currently, the trucking company is looking to expand its workforce of OTR team drivers. As a result, CFI is offering a $5,000 sign-on bonus for team drivers with experience. Team driving jobs earn 46 cents per mile split by the team, as well as up to 4 CPM for a safety bonus. If you are a team driver in the Northeast region, you can earn even more money thanks to a bonus pay option for drivers in this area.

OTR Truck Driver Perks and Benefits

If you are considering a trucking job at CFI, you’ll want to know what kind of benefits the company gives to new hires. CFI offers full trucking school reimbursement to cover your loans taken out to pay for trucking school. The company also allows for free riders, and CFI has a pet program, so you can take your furry friend along for company over the road. CFI provides its drivers with consistent home time, plenty of freight to haul, and weekly settlements. Consider a career at CFI today to start earning more as a truck driver.

Source: CFI – News

Ruan Transportation Celebrates Best Truck Driver and Operation for 2016

ruan truck on the highwayIn July, Ruan Transportation Management Systems held its annual award ceremony for the company’s Driver of the Year. This year, the truck driver earning that top prize was Robert Moore of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Also, the trucking company’s operating terminal of the year is their Chester, Virginia facility. The Operation of the Year award ceremony will be held in Chester later in the year. Let’s take a look at this year’s Driver and Operation of the Year at Ruan Transportation to see what it takes to be the best in trucking.

Driver of the Year Robert Moore

Robert Moore has been driving a big rig for Ruan Transportation since 2011. However, Moore is a trucker with nearly 40 years behind the wheel covering more than 3.8 million miles as a commercial truck driver. Since Moore has been hauling for Ruan, he has not been in any preventable trucking accidents giving him a stellar driving record.

To be selected as the Driver of the Year, Ruan went on a search among 300 trucking operations nationwide to find the top drivers. The company started with a pool of 177 truckers who were nominated based on:

  • Customer service
  • Safety performance
  • Length of driving career with Ruan

Among these 177, there were 15 drivers chosen to be in the Winners’ Circle. These honorees all attended the Driver of the Year award ceremony in Des Moines where the top winner, Moore, took the prize. For his dedication and hard work, Moore won a cash prize and trophy. He can also add Driver of the Year to his trucking resume, if he were ever to need to look for a trucking job.

According to Ben McLean, CEO of Ruan Transportation Management Systems, “This recognition is our way of honoring your dedication, professionalism and ongoing commitment to Ruan. When you think about it, each one of us who works at Ruan defines the company by our actions each and every day. The fact is, our professional drivers are the most visible to our customers. Our customers judge the quality of our company on the service provided by their drivers.”

Trucking Operation of the Year in Chester

Ruan Transportation also chose their top operating facility for 2016, which is located in Chester, Virginia. This operation is managed by Fred Saunders, and it is the primary provider of freight hauling for Airgas Merchant Gases. There are 36 people working at the Chester facility. Among those, Ruan truck drivers cover more than 3.6 million miles annually. These truckers are providing tanker trucking jobs that haul chemical freight and gasses including argon, nitrogen, and oxygen. If you are interested in hauling for a gas company that requires a tanker and hazmat endorsement on your CDL, then Ruan is the place to go.

Driving Jobs at Ruan

What does it take to get hired by Ruan Transportation Management Systems as a truck driver? As noted, you need to get your CDL endorsement for hazmat and tanker haul types.  If you have these endorsements, you can find trucking jobs in:

  • Martinsburg, West Virginia
  • Joliet, Illinois
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • East Chicago, Indiana
  • Chester, Virginia
  • Holstein, Iowa

If you are interested in relocating for trucking jobs, then Ruan may offer you a relocation package depending on your current location.

To qualify for Ruan trucking jobs, you’ll need to meet the following qualifications:

  • At least one year of over-the-road trucking experience within the last three years
  • CDL endorsements for hazmat, doubles/triples, and tanker hauls

Experience hauling hazmat and tanker loads, as well as in doubles/triples.

Benefits at Ruan

When hired at Ruan, you are eligible for top truck driving benefits. In addition to an average salary of $65,000, the company also provides you with sign-on bonuses and regular home time. In fact, more than 60 percent of drivers at Ruan are home every single night. You also receive full benefits after 60 days on the job. Ruan provides ongoing safety training for truck drivers to ensure you will be prepared to handle the specialized freight and hazmat hauls.

If you are interested in joining Ruan, a company that’s been around for more than 85 years, then submit your trucking job application today!

J.B. Hunt Acquires Special Logistics Dedicated for Middle Mile Service

Truck for J.B. Hunt on the highwayIn the latest of many trucking company acquisitions, J.B. Hunt Transport has jumped on the bandwagon with its recent acquisition. This trucking carrier has acquired Special Logistics Dedicated in hopes of boosting its intermodal services. The reason has everything to do with the middle mile. Find out what this middle mile is all about and how J.B. Hunt will increase trucking jobs and routes with intermodal service.

What is the Middle Mile

The middle mile in logistics is the route from a warehouse, port, or manufacturing facility to the distribution center located nearest to customers. Examples of the distribution point may be an e-commerce distribution center, such as those for Amazon or online retailers. It could also be the shipment distribution location for LTL trucking lines. Why is the middle mile becoming so valuable?

E-Commerce Hits Its Stride

One hyphenated word—e-commerce. This segment of the logistics chain is booming with more people shopping online than ever before. According to Fortune, online shopping has increased to the point where more than half of the US population shops online. In a survey done in June 2016, 51 percent of online shoppers made at least two online purchases within a three-month period.

Plus, 44 percent of online shoppers are making purchases using their smartphones. The US Census Bureau also reports that home goods delivery via e-commerce has gone up 15 percent just in the last year to a value of $394.9 billion. That’s no small change, and trucking companies like J.B. Hunt understand the value of finding a way into this niche.

Take a look around you and consider how many people are carrying a smartphone in comparison to five years ago. Those same technophobes who were anti-smartphones will soon be adding to the online shopping trend. All of this shopping at the click of a cell phone button means one thing for trucking—increased demand for middle mile services. These middle mile services will transport freight between cities and localized distribution points so that goods will be one step closer to the customers who want them.

J.B. Hunt’s Acquisition

So where does the middle mile fit in with the acquisition of an intermodal fleet by J.B. Hunt? According to J.B. Hunt President and CEO, John Roberts, “This acquisition will allow our customers to deploy ‘big and bulky’ inventories into key markets, improving order fulfillment times for final-mile deliveries and further enhancing our e-commerce delivery capabilities.”

The acquisition, at a cost of $136 million, will add 14 trucking terminals and distribution fulfillment facilities to the J.B. Hunt line. Additionally, J.B. Hunt is increasing its fleet by 850 units of equipment to help fulfill intermodal freight services. By moving toward middle mile services, J.B. Hunt is also helping to ease another growing pain in the trucking industry.

Third-party logistics teams and freight brokers have previously dominated the middle mile. They have upped the cost of middle mile freight by jacking up the expense of arranging these deliveries between LTL and local trucking companies.

Not anymore.

Long-Haul Trucking Companies Gain Middle Ground

Thanks to trucking companies like J.B. Hunt who are getting into the middle mile market, operating costs for handling this freight will hopefully decrease. Or at least that is the goal, and by reclaiming this middle mile, J.B. Hunt with its expansive service and shipping capabilities are in a good position to do so. For truck drivers hoping to find a trucking job in intermodal, now is the perfect time to apply for a position at J.B. Hunt Transport.

Schneider National Pays Truck Drivers $4,000 for Adoption Assistance

Schneider truck on bridgeIf you are a truck driver hoping to find a trucking employer that will help you meet a healthy work-life balance, Schneider National offers exactly that. When hired by Schneider as a truck driver, you receive all sorts of trucker benefits. For example, did you know that Schneider truck drivers can get four grand to help pay for adopting a child? No other trucking company in the US offers that sort of benefit. Find out more about this benefit offered to Schneider employees, as well as about the other trucking benefits available to drivers.

Family Values at Schneider

According to Schneider National, “We treat all drivers with dignity and respect, and we work with our customers to make sure they do too. Schneider is like a family, and you’ll fit right in.” And to help show the meaning of family, Schneider also provides valuable benefits for your own family, including assistance with adoptions.

You can get up to $4,000 as a one-time payment to reimburse you for adoption expenses. Expenses for an adoption vary from case to case, but could include:

  • Legal representation in court cases
  • Legal aid for processing paperwork
  • Travel to and from the child’s former residence or country
  • Lodging and food when traveling to get the child
  • Funding for documentation including birth certificates, name changes, passports, etc.
  • Financing for adoption agencies

Keep in mind that not all of these adoption expenses may be eligible for reimbursement. The expenses must be approved by Schneider, and the adoption must be for a non-related child. The child will need to be 16 or younger to qualify you for the assistance.

Other Family-Friendly Trucker Benefits

Adoption assistance is just one of the many trucker benefits that Schneider offers to help you and your family thrive. You can also receive:

  • Employee assistance program funding for counseling sessions
  • Free legal and financial advice
  • Financial resources to help with elder or child care
  • Life insurance coverage worth $20,000 paid in full by Schneider National
  • Flexible spending accounts that can be used to pay for health care, dependent care, vision, and dental
  • Retirement account benefits for a 401(k) plan that allows you to contribute up to 50 percent, and you can start contributing the day you start driving for Schneider National
  • Critical illness insurance protection, in case you suffer from a serious illness while on the job
  • Short-term disability insurance that provides you with 60 percent of your standard salary for up to 26 weeks, if you are unable to work due to injury or illness
  • Paid vacation including one-week paid vacation for one year of service and up to four-weeks paid vacation after 15 years of driving
  • Paid time off for jury duty
  • Paid time off up to three days for a funeral
  • Paid time off for required military service and/or training
  • Discounts on auto and home insurance, along with the ability to deduct these premiums through your payroll account
  • Truck driving school tuition reimbursement for students who get their CDL, worth up to $7,000

As you can see, Schneider National certainly understands the value of its truck drivers. You receive top pay rates for hauling freight at Schneider, as well as benefits and financial assistance that helps to increase the amount of money left in your pocket after you get paid.

Trucking Jobs at Schneider National

So, what does it take to drive a truck at Schneider? For starters, you can be a new CDL holder or an experienced truck driver and still get a job at Schneider. All new drivers for this trucking company are put through a trucking orientation program. You will go through a different type of orientation depending on your experience and the haul type you are getting hired for:

  • Tanker orientation is 12 days
  • Intermodal orientation is 5 days
  • Van truckload orientation is 4 days
  • New CDL holder orientation is 3 weeks

Orientation facilities are located in:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin

If you need transportation to an orientation facility, you may receive reimbursement for travel.

If you successfully complete the orientation for your haul type and behind-the-wheel experience, Schneider will provide you with a for hire contract. At this point, you will become part of the Schneider National family, and your benefits will soon follow.

Estenson Logistics Acquired by Hub Group

large hub group truck on the highwayIn the trucking industry, one of the most popular ways to beat economic ups and downs is by joining forces with other carriers. We have seen this happen dozens of times in 2017 alone, including the big deal merger leading to Knight-Swift. Today we have another announcement of an acquisition. This time, Estenson Logistics, out of Mesa, Arizona, is teaming up with Hub Group of Oak Brook, Illinois.

All About the Acquisition

Hub Group recently paid $306 million to acquire the trucking company, Estenson Logistics. This is to acquire the dedicated trucking jobs provided by Estenson. The new title for Estenson Logistics will be Hub Group Dedicated Services. Tim Estenson, founder of Estenson Logistics, will become the leader of Hub Group Dedicated Services. The acquisition is already in the financial works. However, former Estenson truck drivers won’t transition over to Hub Group Dedicated until October 1, 2017.

Regarding the acquisition, Hub Group CEO, David Yeager, said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome Estenson’s drivers, employees, and customers into the Hub Group family. We have been searching for an acquisition in the dedicated space for some time and have found an organization with a great fit in terms of culture, management style and business philosophy.”

Yeager adds why Hub Group chose to acquire Estenson over other competitors: “Estenson has a long history of outstanding customer service and is focused on safety and providing its employees with a solid foundation for growth. We believe that cross-selling opportunities are in excess of $100 million in the next five years. We are looking forward to working with the Estenson team.”

About Estenson Logistics

Estenson Logistics of Arizona was established in 1999 by Tim Estenson and Paul Truman. The mission for the company was to become a top-rated dedicated trucking company. Class A truck drivers for Estenson Logistics are dedicated contract truckers and company drivers. The company primarily hauled flatbed freight, temperature-controlled freight, tanker loads, and dry van freight. Estenson previously hired drivers from Washington and California. However, with the acquisition of Hub Group, this service area is bound to expand.

Some of the trucking benefits offered by Estenson Logistics included:

  • Home time every day
  • New equipment for drivers
  • Health insurance, including dental and vision
  • Safety bonus pay
  • Option to pick up additional work days in most areas
  • Paid vacation
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Pay per week

Will these benefits still apply to Hub Group Dedicated Services drivers, formerly of Estenson Logistics? A look at company driver benefits for Hub Group truck drivers indicates all signs point at “yes.” In fact, Hub Group drivers receive even more benefits.

Drive for Hub Group

Trucking benefits at Hub Group include, on top of Estenson Logistics benefits:

  • Paid holidays in addition to vacation pay
  • Flexible spending account benefits
  • Rider policy
  • Comdata daily advances
  • Online pay statements

Truck drivers interested in joining the newly formed Hub Group Dedicated Services fleet may also be eligible for a sign-on bonus of up to $7,500 for experienced drivers. Also, Hub Group hires owner operators, in addition to company drivers.

How do you get started at Hub Group Dedicated? Start by being at least 23 years old and having a Class A CDL. You will also need to have either one year of driving experience in the last two years or two years of experience in the last five. You’ll have to pass a physical by an authorized physician by Hub Group, which is different from your DOT physical exam.

Also, you’ll be required to pass a drug test by the company prior to getting hired as a truck driver for Hub Group Dedicated Services. Finally, while Estenson Logistics primarily served the Pacific Northwest, Hub Group has locations for trucking jobs all over the country from Atlanta to Pittsburgh to Arizona.

Great Changes Come to J.B. Hunt Transport in 2017

jb-hunt-truckThe trucking company giant, J.B. Hunt Transport, has made huge strides in 2017. While other trucking companies are merging or losing out to acquisitions, J.B. Hunt is pushing forward with some of the most innovative techniques and systems in the trucking industry. From collaborating with universities to installing a new CCO, J.B. Hunt has shown great determination in expanding as a trucking carrier. For truck drivers hoping to work for a trucking company that is destined for greatness, J.B. Hunt is a proven success story. Check out what J.B. Hunt has done so far in 2017, keeping in mind we are only halfway through the year.

Collaboration with University of Arkansas

In March, J.B. Hunt announced that it had joined up with the University of Arkansas to establish a supply chain innovation center. Along with this collaboration, J.B. Hunt gave an investment of $2.75 million that will be used to finance the newly named J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence.

According to Jim Coleman, Provost for the University of Arkansas, “This grant will have an incredible impact on the university and further solidify our stature as an innovative leader in supply chain management. Interdisciplinary research projects are a major focus of ours, and this particular collaboration between industry, faculty and students is a great example of the type of research we continue to pursue.”

More impressively, the center will focus on the use of technology for logistics, which is completely on par with the direction that J.B. Hunt has taken in trucking tech for the future.

J.B. Hunt Chief Information Officer, Stuart Scott, added, “The J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence will allow us to pursue revolutionary ideas in supply chain technology that can have a game-changing impact on the industry. The innovative ideas that will shape our industry’s future are with the students of today, and we’re proud to be working with some of the best and brightest business, engineering and computer science students at the University of Arkansas.

As our industry evolves, customers need more intelligent supply chain solutions to meet market demand. This collaboration is an investment in the future of J.B. Hunt and our ability to deliver customer value.”

This opens the doors for careers in supply chain and logistics alike, while recruiting students from the U of A for trucking jobs.

JB Hunt 360 Marketplace

In April, J.B. Hunt announced it had created J.B. Hunt 360, which is a marketplace for shippers and truck drivers. This marketplace uses real-time data and AI (artificial intelligence) to pair up drivers and their routes with customers based on load size. The goal is to make trucking hauls more efficient, saving time and fuel while getting shipments delivered on time, every time. Through J.B. Hunt 360, data is gathered by shippers and carriers, and this data is analyzed according to reviews, ratings, and preferences. Just like with an internet dating site, the marketplace plays matchmaker between shippers and truckers, finding the perfect match each and every time.

$500 Million Investment into Trucking Technology

At the same time that J.B. Hunt revealed the marketplace, the company announced it was investing $500 million in trucking tech. This is most likely the largest investment by any trucking company in the US in the past five years. More importantly, it shows the value that J.B. Hunt places in using technology to make its fleets more efficient. When it comes to saving time, reducing driver error, and cutting down on fuel usage, technology offers substantial benefits. J.B. Hunt stands to enjoy those benefits sooner than other trucking companies due to their substantial investment in tech.

New Chief Commercial Officer and Highway Services President

Also in April of this year, J.B. Hunt elected a new Chief Commercial Officer and President of Highway Services, Shelley Simpson. As Chief Commercial Officer, she is responsible for overseeing J.B. Hunt 360 in its infancy. In her new role as President of Highway Services, she takes on the responsibility for a new department that is part of the truckload and integrated capacity solutions departments of J.B. Hunt. Simpson is also the corporate Executive Vice President at J.B. Hunt, as well as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Clearly Simpson is taking the right step in her leadership roles at J.B. Hunt, for whom she has been employed since 1994. President and CEO of J.B. Hunt, John Roberts, had this to say about the new COO and Highway Services President, “I have great confidence in Shelley’s ability to lead our efforts to provide innovative, technology-based solutions for customers. She has a tremendous wealth of experience as a strategic leader and will be essential in helping J.B. Hunt deliver value to our customers in today’s digitally driven economy.”

Opens New Terminal in Lowell

In the latest news from J.B. Hunt, the trucking company leader has completed the construction of its corporate offices located in Lowell, Arkansas. This new facility features nearly half a million square feet of space. It will house an e-commerce department, sales, the Highway Services department, and other units. Additionally, the Million Mile Wall featuring each of the one million safe mile truck drivers at J.B. Hunt is now located at this brand-new facility.

Some unique features of the corporate building include a 24-hour gym and locker rooms, as well as a walking trail access to the nearby NW AR Razorback Regional Greenway. There is also a food court with indoor, as well as outdoor seating. Truck drivers for J.B. Hunt who are hauling through the Lowell area should stop in and check out this massive complex. Perhaps enjoy a stroll around the new walking trails? It sounds like an amazing workplace and an investment in the future of trucking jobs at J.B. Hunt.

So, what is up for J.B. Hunt for the rest of the year? Keep your ears open as there are sure to be more great things coming from this leader in the trucking industry.

Maverick Transportation Announces New Sign-On Bonus

maverick transportation trucks lined up

Arkansas-based Maverick Transportation LLC, named one of The National Transportation Institute’s Top Pay Carriers last year, recently announced its new $5,000 sign-on bonus for experienced drivers.

“Drivers know that Maverick is a place where they can build or continue a successful and rewarding professional career,” said Kimberly Williams Gary, executive vice president for Maverick Transportation. “By providing drivers new to Maverick with a generous sign-on bonus, we’re able to help make their job change an easier and more profitable one.”

To receive the $5,000 sign-on bonus from Maverick, drivers must have at least one year of verifiable OTR experience. It is applicable to driving jobs in all divisions. The sign-on bonus will be paid out in $1,000 increments. The first payment will be paid after the first load is delivered and the subsequent payments will be given at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 120 days after emptying the first load.

In addition to this new sign-on bonus, Maverick drivers enjoy competitive pay with the ability to earn increases up to five years, a pay-per-performance bonus and a driver referral bonus program. Maverick also offers drivers excellent home time, weekend guarantee pay, paid orientation and training, 401k plan + match, company-paid life insurance, health and dental insurance options and paid vacation.

For more information about the driving opportunities at Maverick, visit or call 800-201-7695.

About Maverick Transportation LLC
Founded in 1980, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and operating over 1,600 units, Maverick provides OTR and dedicated service to the flatbed, glass, and temperature controlled transportation markets throughout North America. To learn more about Maverick Transportation visit the website at

Machine Tool Company, Bulova Technologies, Acquires Big Red LTL Transport

Semi truck cab and trailer on the roadWhy would a machine and tool distributing company purchase a trucking company? That’s the question to ask Bulova Technologies Group, which recently acquired Big Red LTL Transport. This is a refrigerated trucking company that hauls reefer truck loads throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions. So, while the Bulova Group may not have a stake in the refrigerated market, the company evidently has solid plans to venture into this territory. At the same time, this acquisition could indicate that Bulova is interested in vesting in the trucking industry. Keep an eye on this trucking acquisition and the name Bulova Technologies Group post-acquisition to see what will happen.

Acquiring a Trucking Company

Bulova Technologies is now the owner of a trucking fleet of 27 trucks along with the customers that Big Red LTL brings to the table. As noted, the reason behind this acquisition has not been revealed. What we do know is what the president of Bulova Technologies Group has to say about the acquisition. President and CEO of Bulova Technologies Group, Stephen Gurba, states:

“This acquisition is an important addition to the growth of Bulova Technologies’ family of transportation companies. Our transportation companies will now serve additional regions to complement our strong Florida presence. Big Red should increase our overall sales by $12 million annually. Our transportation business should now increase in our fiscal 2018 to well over $40 million in sales annually. We continue to look for strategic acquisitions in the transportation business.”

It looks like Bulova is hoping to gain that stake in the trucking industry and increase their transportation capabilities. Will this move beyond their business of distributing machines? Considering that Big Red LTL is solely a reefer trucking carrier, there is the possibility that they are considering hauling machines for the food industry or some other industry in need of refrigeration in transport. Right now, however, the Bulova Technologies Group is not focused on that sector.

About Bulova Technologies Group, Inc.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. is a machine tool business and seller that is recognized worldwide for its precision, quality, and value with machinery. This is a global corporation that is headquartered in Largo, Florida and encompasses the following business entities:

  • Bulova Technologies Europe LLC
  • Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC
  • Bulova Technologies Finance LLC
  • BT-Twiss Transport LLC

More specifically, Bulova is a machinery company that sells international machines, primarily CNC machines. There is also the Bulova Technologies Machinery brand of equipment available. These include vertical machines and serve the following industries:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

About Big Red LTL Transport

Big Red LTL Transport is a trucking company providing refrigerated truck driver jobs and was formerly based in Great Meadows, New Jersey. This company has a fleet of 27 trucks and 38 refrigerated trailers along with 38 contracted customers. Big Red LTL operates in a service area of the Midwest and Northeast with trucking terminals in Chicago, Illinois and Netcong, New Jersey.

If you are looking for trucking jobs in these service areas, and you have experience hauling machinery, then now might be the prime time to start your search for trucking jobs with Bulova Technologies Group, so you are ready as soon as those positions become clear and available.

Matheson Trucking in California Recognized by USPS for Service and Sustainability

matheson trucking driver on the roadAs a truck driver, you want to get rewarded for your hard work over the road. Getting paid well as a trucker is one of the best rewards you can get. So is being recognized by one of the biggest shipping customers in the US. Now, that’s something you can really add to your resume when searching for truck driving jobs.

Most lately, Matheson Trucking of Sacramento, California was recognized by the United States Postal Service with quite the honor. The USPS has awarded Matheson Trucking with the Supplier Sustainability Excellence Award. Check out what this means for Matheson and its truck drivers and how the company came to receive this recognition.

Matheson Earns Top Award

According to the Postmaster General and USPS CEO, Megan Brennan, Matheson Trucking was selected for the award “because of its high level of performance in supporting the Postal Service during 2016.” Brennan continues in a letter of acknowledgement to Matheson Trucking, “Your commitment to excellence was instrumental in helping us deliver superior service to our customers and achieve our mission of providing universal mail service to the American public. Your selection was endorsed by the Postal Service’s staff who have worked directly with your organization and who know firsthand about your outstanding performance.” Matheson Trucking has been hauling packages for the USPS for more than 43 years, according to CEO Mark Matheson.

Sustainable Truck Driving Services

Exactly what kind of sustainable truck driving services has Matheson Trucking provided for the USPS? For starters, Matheson is “dedicated to a policy of increasing the use of clean energy fuels to improve air quality, decrease diesel fuel consumption and reliance on foreign oil, while helping to preserve our environment,” according to its CEO.

To help accomplish this goal in green trucking, Matheson increased its fleet to include 27 compressed natural gas tractors. The company will be adding 12 more later in the year. This will bring the total number of CNG tractors to 64, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the company’s fleet. Compressed natural gas tractors at Matheson Trucking are cutting out more than 780,000 gallons of diesel annually.

The environmental benefits of taking that much diesel out of the trucking chain is substantial. It means that much less in diesel emissions and the dependence on fossil fuels. Matheson Trucking uses its CNG tractors for all its USPS hauls, allowing the national package shipper to reap the environmental benefits as well. This recognition by the USPS is a major deal in showing how much the shipper appreciates the trucking company’s efforts in sustainability.

As such, Charles Mellor, COO of Matheson Trucking, adds, “Speaking for our entire management team, we want to extend our personal thanks to all employees for their performance and cooperative business relationship with the Postal Service this past year. Everyone at Matheson should take great pride in knowing the important role they have played in helping to keep our postal system the best in the world.”

Driving a Truck for Matheson Trucking

Are you interested in a truck driving career at Matheson Trucking? This trucking company, founded in 1962, provides national trucking jobs. Whether you are interested in hauling for the USPS or for airport maintenance and terminal handling, Matheson has a job for you. Class A CDL truck drivers looking for a career must be able to pass a background check and be at least 21 years old to apply. You will also need to have at least one year of recent Class A trucking experience.

Drivers hauling for the USPS operate on a six-day schedule for a total workload of up to 35 hours a week. Your pay rate is based on the USPS wage determination schedule, which starts at $20.72 per hour plus full trucking benefits. To get started, apply at Matheson Trucking today!