Machine Tool Company, Bulova Technologies, Acquires Big Red LTL Transport

Semi truck cab and trailer on the roadWhy would a machine and tool distributing company purchase a trucking company? That’s the question to ask Bulova Technologies Group, which recently acquired Big Red LTL Transport. This is a refrigerated trucking company that hauls reefer truck loads throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions. So, while the Bulova Group may not have a stake in the refrigerated market, the company evidently has solid plans to venture into this territory. At the same time, this acquisition could indicate that Bulova is interested in vesting in the trucking industry. Keep an eye on this trucking acquisition and the name Bulova Technologies Group post-acquisition to see what will happen.

Acquiring a Trucking Company

Bulova Technologies is now the owner of a trucking fleet of 27 trucks along with the customers that Big Red LTL brings to the table. As noted, the reason behind this acquisition has not been revealed. What we do know is what the president of Bulova Technologies Group has to say about the acquisition. President and CEO of Bulova Technologies Group, Stephen Gurba, states:

“This acquisition is an important addition to the growth of Bulova Technologies’ family of transportation companies. Our transportation companies will now serve additional regions to complement our strong Florida presence. Big Red should increase our overall sales by $12 million annually. Our transportation business should now increase in our fiscal 2018 to well over $40 million in sales annually. We continue to look for strategic acquisitions in the transportation business.”

It looks like Bulova is hoping to gain that stake in the trucking industry and increase their transportation capabilities. Will this move beyond their business of distributing machines? Considering that Big Red LTL is solely a reefer trucking carrier, there is the possibility that they are considering hauling machines for the food industry or some other industry in need of refrigeration in transport. Right now, however, the Bulova Technologies Group is not focused on that sector.

About Bulova Technologies Group, Inc.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. is a machine tool business and seller that is recognized worldwide for its precision, quality, and value with machinery. This is a global corporation that is headquartered in Largo, Florida and encompasses the following business entities:

  • Bulova Technologies Europe LLC
  • Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC
  • Bulova Technologies Finance LLC
  • BT-Twiss Transport LLC

More specifically, Bulova is a machinery company that sells international machines, primarily CNC machines. There is also the Bulova Technologies Machinery brand of equipment available. These include vertical machines and serve the following industries:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

About Big Red LTL Transport

Big Red LTL Transport is a trucking company providing refrigerated truck driver jobs and was formerly based in Great Meadows, New Jersey. This company has a fleet of 27 trucks and 38 refrigerated trailers along with 38 contracted customers. Big Red LTL operates in a service area of the Midwest and Northeast with trucking terminals in Chicago, Illinois and Netcong, New Jersey.

If you are looking for trucking jobs in these service areas, and you have experience hauling machinery, then now might be the prime time to start your search for trucking jobs with Bulova Technologies Group, so you are ready as soon as those positions become clear and available.

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