Belmont Enterprises Joins the Daseke Trucking Carrier Smokey Point Distributing

Trucker with semi truckOne of the flatbed trucking companies that is part of the Daseke community of carriers has recently expanded its operations. Smokey Point Distributing of Arlington, Washington has recently acquired the trucking company Belmont Enterprises. As another Washington trucking company, Belmont Enterprises is based in Olympia. Learn more about the reasons SMD decided to purchase Belmont Enterprises and what to expect from these carriers in the future.

Trucking Companies in Washington Join Forces

What do Smokey Point Distributing and Belmont Enterprises have in common? Besides being two of the most efficient trucking companies in the Pacific Northwest, these Washington trucking carriers are focused on flatbed hauling. However, these companies don’t just throw loads on flatbed trailers and call it a day. They are focused on specialized freight hauling for glass shipping customers.

That’s right, these two glass haulers have fused to create one serious glass hauling competitor to other flatbed carriers around town. By offering some of the most advanced technologies and haul capabilities, these two carriers proved to one another that they have what it takes to make for one powerful flatbed carrier in this niche market.

Belmont Enterprises owner Jack Belmont said, “I wouldn’t merge with just anyone. I knew SPD was the right choice. I trust Dan. I care very deeply about the future of our people. I know his team understands how to work in a niche market by providing outstanding customer service. Belmont Enterprises has the full backing of SPD and Daseke. The future is bright.”

Regarding the acquisition, the owner of Smokey Point Distributing is excited to make this partnership happen. According to the Smokey Point Distributing CEO and president Dan Wirkkala, “There is a lot of synergy between our two companies in philosophy, customer service, and ethics, Belmont Enterprises began operation in the 1970s by Jack and Mary Jo Belmont with just one truck.

As CEO, Jack Belmont has since done a wonderful job developing a premier West Coast glass hauling business. I’ve known Jack for 20 plus years, and have always been impressed with his business. We will add technological resources, such as our transportation management system and the consolidated purchasing power of Daseke to compliment his current operations. This will make us all even stronger and more efficient.”

Daseke Expands Glass Hauler Services

For truck drivers who have been paying attention, the parent company Daseke recently acquired another trucking company specializing in glass hauling. Daseke, which owns Smokey Point Distributing, added Moore Freight Service, another glass hauling carrier. In fact, MFS was more than just your average glass hauler. According to Wirkkala, “Moore Freight Service, one of the largest glass haulers in the country, recently joined the Daseke family of companies. There is great synergy between Belmont Enterprises and SPD, which will further assist Daseke’s focus on expanding its services to the glass industry.”

Following this latest merger, Daseke is fast becoming the biggest flatbed glass hauling company in the US and in North America. More importantly, this makes Daseke’s companies including Moore Freight Service, Belmont Enterprises, and Smokey Point Distributing, the leaders in glass hauling services. By combining the industry experience and knowledge of this specialized type of hauling, these companies can bank on expansion with their customer base. After all, glass shippers want to choose the carrier that can provide the latest technologies and methods in glass hauling without leaving them broken at the distribution point.

Truck Driving Jobs for Glass Haulers

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Source: Daseke – Press Release

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