KLLM Transport Earns Carrier of the Year Award

White KLLM Trucking Company Rig

Big news from KLLM Transport trucking company. The Jackson, MS-based temperature controlled truckload carrier just announced that they were the recipients of the Transplace Truckload Carrier of the Year for 2014.

KLLM National Account Manager Russell Wooten accepted the award during the Transplace Carrier Symposium, held in conjunction with its 13th annual Shipper Symposium in Dallas, TX.

Transplace is a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology. Each year, Transplace gives out Carrier of the Year Awards to recognize transportation service providers for strong, collaborative relationships, consistent high performance and exemplary on-time service.

“Transplace’s Strategic Carrier Management Program is designed to uncover growth opportunities for our carriers and further strengthen those relationships, while supporting exceptional service for our customers,” said Ben Cubitt, senior vice president, engineering and consulting at Transplace. “With this year’s awards, we are pleased to recognize carriers that represent the top one percent of our carrier base across all lines of business for the exemplary work they’ve done over the past year.”

John Lower, director of strategic carrier management for Transplace, added, “Selection criteria for these awards are data-centric and based on companywide, quantitative data as well as survey feedback from the supported customer. Specific areas of emphasis in the selection process include on-time service, tender acceptance, claims, EPA SmartWay partnership and ease of doing business factors such as responsiveness, customer service, and the accuracy and timeliness of invoicing and status updates from the carrier via EDI.”

Decker Truck Line Announces Drivers of the Month

Decker Truck Line have announced their June 2015 Drivers of the Month. Drivers Dave Stofer, Shawn Landfear, James Vail, Willis Mays, III and Drayper Lee have all received the prestigious award.decker dom 1

Dave Stofer was named the Driver of the Month for the Ft. Dodge/Ft. Wayne Reefer/Van Division. Diane Turner, who is Stofer’s fleet manager, nominated him. “Dave has been with us a long time and always does an excellent job,” said Turner. “He leaves home on time, delivers his loads on time, is always courteous to dispatch and customers alike.”

Stofer has been with Decker for 25 years.

decker dom 2Shawn Landfear won the award for the Missoula Reefer/Van Division. Landfear was nominated by his fleet manager Jillian Moore. “Shawn is a pleasure to work with,” said Moore. “He does whatever is asked of him and is always on time on loads, willing to help others and gets the job done. He knows how to do his job well and gets lots of miles.”

Landfear has driven for Decker for 1 ½ years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJames Vail was chosen from the LeMars Reefer/Van Division. Vail received a nomination from his fleet manager Paul Easton. “Jimmy communicates immediately if something comes up,” said Easton. “He keeps up with maintenance on the truck and manages his HOS professionally. He’s a great driver to have on a dedicated lane and easy to work with.”

Vail has been a driver at Decker for 5 years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWillis Mays, III was recognized for the Ft. Dodge/Hammond Flatbed Division. Mays’ fleet manager, Sue Anderson, nominated him. “Willis has been a very good driver,” said Anderson. “He will do whatever is asked of him and runs steady all week.

Mays has been with Decker for 8 months.

decker dom 5Drayper Lee was chosen from the Bessemer Flatbed Division. Tina Cunningham, Lee’s fleet manager, nominated him. “Drayper is a good driver,” Cunningham said. “He is always very courteous and has a smile every time that you see him.”

Lee has driven for Decker for 7 months.

All the drivers will receive a Decker gift certificate. Additionally, each of these drivers will now be eligible to compete for Driver/Owner-Operator of the Year. The Driver/Owner-Operator of the Year award will be presented to one driver from each division at the end of the year, and bring with it a 1 cent per mile pay increase for twelve months.

Drivers of the Month are selected by their fleet managers based on overall performance within all areas of the company. These include operational productivity, safety record, maintenance/care of equipment, payroll, billing and customer care.

Decker Truck Line, which was founded in 1931 transports flatbed, refrigerated and dry van freight to the 48 contiguous states and seven Canadian provinces.

If you’d like to get more information on how you could begin a career with Decker, click the link at the top of the page.

Landstar Honors Drivers for Safe Driving

Landstar Trucking Company Logo

Landstar trucking company recently paid tribute to its best and safest owner-operators during the 4th Annual Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCO) All-Star Celebration event held earlier this month. BCO is the term Landstar uses for the independent owner-operators who provide the company with transportation capacity under exclusive lease arrangements.

The group of honorees was recognized during a three-day event held in Orlando from July 1-3. All of the inductees were recognized for their outstanding safety records and professionalism behind the wheel. All together, the 136 active BCOs that comprise the Million Miler Class of 2014 have driven a total of 136 million safe miles. That’s equal to the distance from the earth’s surface to the sun.

During an awards program at the event, Landstar presented a number of awards. Landstar honored 136 BCOs as new Million Mile Safe Drivers for driving one million consecutive miles without a preventable accident. Additionally, 16 BCOs were recognized as new Two Million Mile Safe Drivers for driving two million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

“Landstar is proud to showcase the class of Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers as the industry’s best. Their talent, hard work and dedication to safety is truly worthy of a celebration. These men and women make the roads safer for all of us; we are proud to honor them,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni.

Landstar Roadsters

10 new Landstar Roadstars were also recognized at the awards ceremony. Landstar Roadstars are chosen for their consistently high levels of safety, productivity and excellence in customer service. Each had previously been recognized as a Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver. The newest inductees bring the total number of active Landstar Roadstars to 178. Landstar began presenting drivers with the Roadstar award in 1990.

“Roadstars epitomize the driving profession. Their outstanding productivity and safety records raise the bar for the entire trucking industry. The 2014 class of Roadstars have earned the right to be called Landstar’s best,” said Gattoni.

Gattoni also presented Landstar BCO Tommy Stiles with the BCO Lifetime Achievement Award. Stiles has been with Landstar since he leased on in 1982. He was named a Roadstar in 2000 and became a 3 Million Miler in 2008. Stiles was the recipient of the NSC Josephy M. Kaplan Safe Driver of the Year Award in 2010 and last year earned the SC&RA Million Mile Safety award. In April, Stiles recieved his 33-year Landstar Safe Driving award.

“Tommy is an ambassador of safety. The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award is the perfect way to honor his years of service and safe driving. The award is a testament to the values that Tommy lives and works by,” said Gattoni.

In addition to the awards presentation, Landstar also presented its second Landstar Truck Giveaway of this year. A 2016 Peterbilt 579 was exclusively reserved for a Landstar Roadstar or Million Miler. The Giveaway was sponsored in part by Comdata. Each new Million Miler and Roadstar were automatically entered to win the truck. All those in attendance at the celebration received an additional entry. New Million Mile Safe Driver Rich Snyder of New Bern, North Carolina was the lucky winner of the new truck.

If you would like to get more information on how to begin your career at Landstar, visit our trucking companies page and click on Landstar.

To see a complete list of award winners from the ceremony, see below.

The Class of 2014 Landstar Roadstars inducted this year:

Roger Bell, Ellis Butler, Tony Ferrari, John Fuller, Lancer Hicks, Dave Long, Johnny Lowery, Vic Markle, Willie Mixon, Donald Wood.

The Class of 2014 Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers inducted this year:

Two Million Mile Safe Drivers:

George Castle, Bob Degler, Hank Faber, Randy Goller, Ralph Griffin, James Kepner, Raymond King Jr., Jack Miller, Anthony Nelson,Lee Pennington, Abram Peters, Ken Rasmussen, Dale Reuman, Craig Ringelstetter, Louis Toth and Sylvester Young.

One Million Mile Safe Drivers:

Mayela Alcantar, Clyde Allen, John Allton, Jim Anderson, Henry Anderson, Kristin Ansley, Robert Arredondo, Brian Ashurst, Arturo Baltazar, David Barnett, Rodney Bassig, Jon Beeson, Hiurick Bocchini, Joe Bocek, Billy Boldin, Kenny Boos, Lee Bowman, Ed Boyer,Wilbert Briggs, Kyle Burgess, Roy Butler, Albert Calvert, Paul Christensen, Al Cito, John Cole, Norman Colson, David Coy, Jeff Custer,Ricardo Davila, Arthur Davis, Saul Dominguez, Darin Dreher, Edward Drew, Shawn Duke, Steven Dye, Mike Evich, John Federspiel,Luis Fierro, Gerald Fiset, Steven Fleming, Conrad Fox, John Gay, Donald Givans, Jose Gomez, Ron Gustin, Mitch Hardy, Mike Henderson, Rick Hill, Timothy Hinton, Mike Hvizdos, William Ingram, Cliff Jennings, Richard Johnson, Fred Keddy, Tonia Kennedy,Rick Kieser, Caroline Klenczon, Ben Kohler, David Korce, Gary Kozlowski, Terry Kristofik, Hoyt Langley, Dustin Lawson, Chris Lewis,Dave Long, Skip Lusk, Matthew Matala, Fred Mathes, Jim Mathews, Michael Mathews, Mike Medina, Thomas Miller, Willie Mixon,Dennis Mochol, Joe Montoya, Jose Morales, Pat Morello, David Morrison, Jay Nelson, Robert Obosla, Rafael Obregon, Marcos Ochoa, Bobby Owens, Mark Pardy, Gary Peterson, Juan Pizana, Steve Powell, Bill Price, Anthony Puckett, Lewie Pugh, Don Puskas,Jay Rabalais, Kuljit Rajania, Leslie Remo, Alex Reyes, Mario Reyes, J. W. “Dusty” Rhodes, Ken Richards, Larry Richmond, Ed Riddle,Warren Riley, Horencio Rivas, Ron Rowe, Rose Ruch, William Santerre, Linda Sheckels, Linda Short, Steven Shubosky, Mike Smith,Rich Snyder, Jason Spinler, Dietrich Staeckeler, Kandy Stein, Charles Storey, Ollie Thomas, Homero Toscano, Gene Tunney, Charles Turner, Richard Tyson, Dale Uhlman, Eleno Valdez, Noe Valle, John Vandenburg, Leonard Vaughn, Amy Jo Von Neida, Monroe Walker Jr., Larry Ward, Gary Ward, Jackie Watson, Patrick Webb, James Wiederholt, Charles Williams, Beverly Willson, Keith Wilson,James Yeakle, Keith Yerkey.

Con-way and KLLM Receive Top Awards


Transplace, a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics solutions, recently honored Con-way Truckload with its Carrier of the Year designation for 2014.

“It’s very gratifying to see the results of our commitment to providing consistently excellent customer satisfaction and the highest level of transportation services substantiated by receiving this award,” said Martin Tewari, vice president of operations at Con-way Truckload. “It serves as a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our team.”

The criteria for Transplace’s Carrier of the Year award includes: “Individual performance at the account level, the overall health of and commitment to the relationship, professionalism, capacity and specific qualitative customer service scores.”

“This award represents the highest level of performance in the areas of customer service and satisfaction, dedication and reliability,” said Ben Cubitt, senior vice president of consulting and engineering at Transplace. “Our relationship with Con-way Truckload is invaluable to our efforts to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we’re pleased to recognize them as a Carrier of the Year.”

In other news, KLLM Transport Services was recently named the 2014 Co-Carrier of the Year by Kraft Foods Group, Inc.

The Jackson-Miss. based temperature-controlled truckload carrier was presented with the award at Kraft Foods’ annual Carrier Conference held in Rosemont, Ill.  KLLM received the award for its, “Innovation, high level of service, flexibility and seamless integration of a major truckload acquisition.”

Additionally, KLLM was selected as Kraft Foods’ 2014 Co-Carrier of the Year for its, “Top management commitment and participation in one or more of Kraft’s Captaincy programs.”

Schneider National Salutes Military Members with Freightliner Trucks

Schneider Ride Of Pride Winner Jay Hull

Schneider National trucking company has a long history of holding military veterans to high regard. The trucking company is also an employer of thousands of associates with military experience. This Fourth of July, they’re at it again with the Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to be rolling tribute to members of the military – past and present. The new military-themed Freightliner tractors, one American and one Canadian, will be added to Schneider’s current fleet of seven Ride of Pride trucks.

This year’s trucks have been designed with the theme Military Past. The U.S. truck is adorned with black and white imagery of each military branch from World Wars I and II, Korea, and Vietnam. Additionally, the truck features the logos of the departments of the U.S. Armed Forces. In the background are an American flag and a bald eagle. The doors on each side of the truck read “Honoring all who have served. The hood prisoners of war (POWs) and those missing in action (MIA).

Schneider added the 13th and 14th editions of Ride of Pride to their fleet over Memorial Day weekend. It made its traditional debut at Rolling Thunder, a motorcycle rally held annually in Washington D.C. that honors our nation’s veterans, POWs and MIAs. The newest Schneider Ride of Pride tractor will spend its first 12 months traveling the country to a number of military-themed events before it transitions to hauling freight.

“This year’s Ride of Pride trucks are very special additions to our military-themed fleet,” said Rob Reich, senior vice president at Schneider in a statement. “They represent our longstanding commitment to honoring those with military experience and hiring them into our ranks.”

Schneider selected Jay Hull of Green Bay, Wis. to serve as the driver of the 2015 Ride of Pride. Hull served as a driver in the U.S. Army for 24 years, completing tours in Iraq hauling fuel tankers. Hull also worked a recruiter, career counselor, and chemical, nuclear and biological warfare specialist during his time in the army. Hull signed on with Schneider in 2012 as an Intermodal driver based out of Chicago. Within a year of working at Schneider, Hull was promoted to a Training Engineer, where he assists with the growth and development of new drivers.

“The opportunity to represent Schneider as a Ride of Pride driver is an honor. I completed tours in Iraq and Kuwait and I was fortunate enough to come home,” said Hull. “This experience allows me to give back and join others in saying thank you to those who have served. At the same time, I get to talk about how trucking jobs are a great fit for former members of the military. My two favorite worlds really do intersect each and every day.”

Hull is no stranger to being behind the wheel of a distinguished tractor. In 2014, close to a year after becoming a trainer, Hull was chosen to take over Schneider’s 2008 Ride of Pride.

“I get goose bumps talking about it,” said Hull. “This truck is a rolling tribute to those who currently serve and to the families of soldiers, sailors and marines who gave the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. It’s an emotional experience to have them share their stories with me.”

Freightliner’s Ride of Pride tradition got its start 13 years ago when Freightliner shift manager and Vietnam War veteran Ed Keeter proposed the project as a way to honor current and former members of the U.S. military. Freightliner has presented Ride of Pride trucks to Schneider in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2011, Schneider also received the first unit ever created by Freightliner honoring Canadian military members.

If you would like more information on the many ways Schneider has shown its commitment to those who have served in the military, visit them at the link above.