Estes Express Makes Its Way Back to the Raceways

Estes Express Trucking LogoEstes Express Lines decided to “hitch a ride to NASCAR’s big leagues” this year. This freight shipping and transportation company has made its way back to Richmond International Raceway with a bang. Estes Express is based in Richmond, Virginia and is partnered with NASCAR driver Jeb Burton for the second time in a row. This year, Estes is taking the spot light as the primary sponsor of Burton’s No. 26 Toyota Camry in the Toyota Owners 400 that took place April 25.

Estes sponsored Burton in the 2014 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The partnership Burton and Estes shared at last year’s race is the reason why Estes is currently teamed up with BK Racing. Burton joined BK Racing in 2015 for his first season in the elite Sprint Cup Series.Jeb Burton

Estes is the sponsor for not one, but two of Burton’s races this year. It is to Estes’ benefit to become a primary sponsor Burton. In lieu of the sponsorship, the trucking company’s name and logo with be placed on the race car. It will be placed on the car in a catchy manner so that everyone at the race will be officially introduced to Estes Express. The name and logo will be printed on the hood of the car, the back bumper and both sides of the car.

Although there are numerous trucking companies that are sponsoring drivers this year, Estes has the upper hand. It’s central location in Richmond where the races were held is one of its biggest assets.

The marketing and communications director of Estes Express, Liz Denby, said this sponsorship is considered an investment for the company. The decision to sponsor benefits the company long term because of the high levels of exposure that the race provides.

When it comes to pricing to become a sponsor, Denby said package prices vary. The prices all depend on the specific driver’s level of experience, how established the racing team is and what level of racing series. As Denby said, if this race if a good fit for your company, it’s worth the cost for the long term investment. Thanks to one of the Este’s vendors from last year’s race, the company was able to make the connections to sponsor with BK Racing. Burton and Este’s relationship has generated into various benefits of the race for both parties. The connection with Burton created the means for the Sprint Cup sponsorship as well.

Estes was impressed by Burton’s personality and performance from working with him last year. Burton’s fan base and his relationships with other NASCAR drivers was inspiring for the transportation company. Burton and his family paved the way for Estes to make various business connections along the way.

“This year, we have a nice opportunity to stay in the sport and visible- and to do so on that big, national platform. So we’re happy to participate,” Denby said.

Estes Express has over 1,000 local employees at its Richmond location and was ranked as the top privately owned employer in Richmond in 2014.

Estes is not the only Richmond based company sponsoring this year. Friedman Law Firm is a fellow Richmond based company that is a leading sponsor for driver Joe Nemechek.

Schneider Shares Rich History in “Leap of Faith” Book

Schneider National logo

There is no elevator to success – just a long and winding road. Schneider National, a premier provider of truckload, intermodal and logistics services, knows that well. In 1935, Al Schneider purchased his first truck. 80 years later, his trucking company is one of the most respected in the industry.

Schneider has documented the milestones along the journey to the top in their new book, Leap of Faith: The Story of Schneider– a full-color, 144-page, hardcover coffee table-style history book. The book’s release comes just in time to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary.

“We are incredibly proud to share these rich stories with our associates, retirees, families, friends and the community,” said Chris Lofgren, Schneider’s President and CEO in a statement. “Leap of Faith takes readers through Schneider’s eight-decade transformation – from our roots in hauling paper and beer, navigating industry deregulation, putting technology in every truck and weathering the latest recession. For those who have been a part of our history and those watching from the sidelines, it’s a fascinating story.”

Lofgren noted that while the world has changed in a number of ways since 1935, the entrepreneurial spirit and passion at Schneider has remained a constant.

Schneider enlisted the help of Essex Publishing and author Jim Smith to capture Schneider’s history in the new book. The book, filled with interviews with members of the Schneider family, dozens of current and former associates, community members, and others in the trucking industry, paints an accurate and colorful picture of the company’s past, present and future. The book also recounts the many leaps of faith the Schneider family and others in the company took to make it what it is today.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the book is all of the striking images that fill each page. The images truly illustrate the history of Schneider trucking company in its entirety. A mixture of black and white images of vintage trucks and those taken in more recent times illustrate the many changes that Schneider has undergone in order to become what it is today. Schneider got its start in 1938 when Al Schneider bought Bins Transport, a moving and storage company where he worked as a driver. Over the years, the trucking company transformed many times before becoming a premier provider of truckload, logistics and intermodal services they are today.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

However, the text that surrounds the images are equally impressive. The book offers an in-depth look at how Schneider came to be. It seems that each person who played an important role in the development of the company is featured at some point in the text of the book. However, the book extends beyond just covering the big names in the Schneider story, and features stories about employees in various positions within Schneider. The attention paid to all who contributed to Schneider shows how much value is placed on all employees at the company. The book goes beyond just the basics, and truly captures the stories of those who made Schneider what it is today.

While Leap of Faith does offer plenty of historical facts, it is much more than just a historical account. Leap of Faith goes beyond just the facts to truly tell Schneider’s story – including all the characters that played an important role, the many events that would come to define the company, and the values that the company has come to celebrate and live out each day. Leap of Faith offers an intimate view of the trucking company. This inside look is a result of the work of author Jim Smith, who spent years talking face to face with members of the Schneider family, as well as a number of current and former Schneider employees, community members, and others in the trucking industry. The interviews offered insight into what makes Schneider so unique, and the impact that Schneider has had on the community and trucking industry alike. At times, Leap of Faith appears like a scrapbook, featuring momentos like letters, old Schneider advertisements, and a payroll ledger from 1958. This gives the book a more personal feel. Leap of Faith is a success story, detailing how what started out as a man with only one truck to his name could grow over 80 years to become one of the most successful trucking companies in the industry.

Leap of Faith was unveiled for the first time at Schneider’s annual meeting in late January. The book can be purchased online for $15. Those in the Green Bay area may also purchase the book at the company store located within Schneider’s Corporate Business Center, located at 3101 S. Packerland Drive. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to charity.

This book makes a great gift for all who are loyal to Schneider. The book is also guaranteed to catch the eye of potential Schneider employees, who are sure to be inspired by the success and passion displayed by Schneider. If you would like to get more information about how you can play your part in helping Schneider National continue to achieve success, visit their website at the link above.

RoadPro Sponsors Mother’s Day Truck Convoy

mothers day convoyRoadPro Family of Brands recently announced its sponsorship of the 26th Annual Mother’s Day Truck Convoy with a total of 400 trucks that will take place in Lancaster County, Pa. on May 10. This is the fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Northern Delaware and Susquehanna Valley.

This life changing organization grants the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses. This is RoadPro’s first year to sponsor the event. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has chapters all over the United States and the Mother’s Day Truck Convoy is the largest local fundraiser for this specific chapter.

“Make-A-Wish does wonderful work and sponsoring the Mother’s Day Truck Convoy is a chance to help the charity fulfill the dreams of local families contending with the illness of a child,” said Chuck White, Vice President, Brands & Marketing, DAS Companies, Inc. “We are honored to partner with them.”

The Mother’s Day truck Convoy will kick off at 8:30 a.m. at Burle Business Park on May 10. The celebration will have a live auction, games, food and entertainment and will wrap up around 1:30 p.m. From there, the convoy will head to Ephrata, Pa. and then make its way back to the first location. This mode of operation will give the most exposure to the thousands of people who will line the roads and overpasses to see a glimpse of the convoy.

This empowering Mother’s Day Truck Convoy began in 1990 when a boy named Matt sent a request to Make-A-Wish to ride in a semi-truck and if he could talk to his sister on a CB radio. After the request was in, over 40 drivers and their trucks showed up to grant Matt’s wish. And from there, the Mother’s Day Convoy was created. This convoy set a Guinness World Record in 2003 for Longest Truck Convoy with 288 trucks. But the convoy beat this record the next year in 2004 by a longshot with 391 trucks. The number of participants increases every year.

“Make-A-Wish is delighted to partner with the RoadPro Family of Brands for this year’s Mother’s Day Truck Convoy, which has become one of Lancaster County’s most popular fundraisers,” said Paulette Battenfelder, Regional Executive Director, Make-A-Wish Foundation. “RoadPro’s participation will help us grow this amazing event.”

RoadPro Family of Brands is a branch of DSA Companies, Inc. RoadPro Family of Brands specifically focuses on ensuring the comfort of home can be carried with those on the road. RoadPro accomplishes this through truck and auto supplies, travel gear and mobile electronics all the while bringing safety, convenience, comfort and connections to the customers who are constantly on the go. RoadPro Family of Brands delivers products with true quality with a great value. The RoadPro Family of Brands includes the following: RoadKing, Wilson, MobileSpec, PowerDrive, RoadPro, K40, Francis, LUMAgear, BlannkCAnyon Outfitters and Ninja Odor Fighters. These products can be found at most Travel Centers throughout the country.

DAS Companies, Inc. is a marketing and supply chain portfolio company. The company is privately held and it designs, imports and distributes truck and auto supplies, travel gear and mobile electronics. RoadPro’s values derive from the values of DAS Companies. DAS offers its services through Travel Centers, Convenience Stores, Heavy Duty Trucking, Electronics and Specialty Retailers.

Navajo Express Honored at CMCA Safety Awards

Navajo Express Trucking Company LogoNavajo Express was honored at the 2015 Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) Safety Awards banquet for their superior safety efforts during 2014. The company was awarded the Grand Trophy for Most Improved Fleet. This award is given to the carrier that has the highest percentage drop in accident rates within the state of Colorado and also highlights the efforts to prevent crashes.

Navajo also came in at third place for the Fleet Safety for Carriers with Truckloads over 3 Million Miles. This award was also based on recorded crashes and fleet safety audit.

“Navajo is committed safety. That is our number one priority over everything we do and is the foundation that we have built our business on. We will not compromise the safety of our drivers, or the public in general, by doing business without safe operating practices in mind,” quoted Don Digby, Jr., President of Navajo Express.

The Director of Safety for the company reiterated that these honorable awards are proof that the policies Navajo practices day in and day out have resulted in Navajo’s safe and reliable carrier reputation. The company continually encourages its drivers and support staff in order for them to understand just how important safety is.The Colorado Motor Carriers Association has been the voice of trucking in Colorado since 1939.

This organization advocates the rights and interests of the trucking industry, hoping to create change and improve the industry as a whole. The CMCA works with the state of Colorado to ensure that all technological and transportation changes are legitimate within the cost and time frames.

Navajo Express, Inc. is based in Denver, Colorado and is a national carrier that has decades of experience when it comes to providing logistic solutions. Navajo has a fleet of over 1,000 trucks that move refrigerated, dry van, hazardous material and more. Navajo Express provides service across 48 states in the U.S.

Tech Colleges Drive Clean by Going Green

Kwik Trip natural gas truck

Joel Hirschboeck, commercial fuels superintendent for Kwik Trip, left, shows CVTC Associate Dean of Transportation Tim Stanton the refueling mechanism for on the new compressed natural gas-fueled truck CVTC and three other technical colleges will be sharing.

When it comes to driving with cleaner fuel, many people may not be aware of what it takes to go green. However the trucks of Kwik Trip are driving on the roads with a whole new level of clean. The trucks that drive clean will be the ones driving by in silence. Menards and many other trucking companies that run big rigs are also making the effort to run clean. These clean trucks are running on one main difference than the average trucks on the road, natural gas as a source of fuel instead of diesel fuel.

The decision to drive with natural gas for fuel is a big change for the trucking industry. This change is one that requires truck drivers who understand the differences and the needs that driving a natural gas vehicle entails. Mechanics who are capable of maintaining these cleaner trucks are the backbone of functioning properly.

Just as trucking schools are a necessity to train qualified truckers, tech schools that focus on natural gas as a source of fuel are also necessary. Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is partnered with various other state technical colleges in Milwaukee, Waukesha and the Fox River Valley. These four tech colleges have purchased a natural-gas rig that will be shared between the programs. The leaders of these schools were in for a treat when they were able to see the tractor and trailer that were disclosed at CVTC.

“Conversion to compressed natural gas is happening in the industry,” said Tim Stanton, associate dean of transportation at CVTC. “At CVTC and our partner technical colleges, we need to make sure our graduates are fully prepared for what they will be experiencing in the workforce. That means exposing them to the technology as part of our programs.”

Growing Need

The commercial fuels superintendent for La Crosse-based Kwik Trip, Joel Hirschboeck recognizes the continual need for those in the trucking industry who are familiar with the new natural-gas trucks. His truck fleet is currently running on about 50 percent natural gas with high hopes of the trucking company operating at 100 percent within two years.

Hirschboeck said that this change will be a part of the trucking community in the surrounding areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. “It’s not only important for the driver’s standpoint that they have experience with it, but also the mechanic’s.”

There are many reasons the change to go green would benefit trucking companies. The lower cost of natural gas, no costly emission control systems and cleaner operation serve as positive motivations for companies to make the change.

Trucking students will immediately be able to tell the difference as stated by truck driving instructor Jeff Frederick. The gear shift and the silence while driving the truck are two of the main differences. Naturally, the fueling process for drivers will also be different. And students will be held accountable for the temperature when reading the fuel gauge, along with inspecting their vehicles before hitting the road.

Kwik Trip is a leading company with the natural gas installment because it has other natural gas services for various other companies. Kwik Trip installed the fuel tanks at its technical college location at the La Crosse facility. Ruan Transportation and Roehl Transport are two examples of trucking companies with natural gas trucks in their fleets. Many waste service vehicles and public city buses run on compressed natural gas according to Hirschboeck.

As for the purchase of the truck that the colleges will share, it was purchased through a state grant with a grand total of $940,000. This money was also intended to improve any other transportation problems that can be approached through transportation education. Some of the other transportation problems include changes for the requirements of earning a CDL, increasing the use of electronic logs and advancing the use of simulators while teaching the students how to drive the trucks.

Last but not least, the leaders of these four conjoined truck driving programs meet on a regular basis to sort out these issues and create a unified plan of curriculum for the trucking students. Each school is handling a different particular transportation issue. This shared responsibility is sure to result in success while the new natural gas truck will take its turn between the colleges throughout the year.

FMCSA Shuts Down Mortise Trucking in SC

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The FMCSA has declared Carnell Pompey, a Darlington, South Carolina-based trucking company which is doing business as Mortise Trucking Company, an imminent hazard to public safety and have ordered the company to shut down immediately.

“Any vehicle, especially a large commercial combination vehicle such as a truck and trailer, that is not maintained or repaired and allowed to become a serious public hazard, is absolutely unacceptable,” said FMCSA Chief Counsel Scott Darling. “FMCSA’s safety regulations exist to protect everyone. Compliance is not optional.  If a motor carrier does not adhere to the safety regulations, we will see that it does not operate.”

A safety investigation launched by the FMCSA revealed that Mortise Trucking was responsible for a number of serious violations of federal regulations. The violations included failing to inspect, repair and maintain its commercial vehicles, failing to conduct required tests for controlled substances and alcohol, and failing to comply with driver qualification requirements and hours of service regulations. According to the FMCSA, on six separate occasions in the past 12 months, a Mortise Trucking tractor-trailer had to be placed out-of-service after failing roadside safety inspections. The trailers failed the inspections for a variety of reasons, including inadequate brakes, brake system pressure loss, oil-contaminated brake and steering components and worn tires.

The imminent hazard order issued against Mortise Trucking by the FMCSA orders the company to cease all vehicle operations, including interstate and intrastate transportation, from all dispatching locations and terminals. Additionally, the FMCSA also revoked Mortise’s federal operating authority and suspended its USDOT number. If Mortise does not follow the FMCSA’s orders, they could face up to $60,000 in civil penalties as well as a criminal penalty including a fine of up to $25,000 and imprisonment of up to a year.

To see a copy of the imminent hazard out of service order here.

Road Scholar Transport Working to Bring Missing Woman Home

Road Scholar Transport, a Pennsylvania-based trucking company, is doing its part to help bring a missing woman home. The trucking company has decided to join the search to help find Renee LaManna by redesigning one of its trailers into a rolling billboard.

Renee LaManna has been missing since January 8, 1994, when she disappeared from Ocean City, New Jersey. It is believed that she suffers from memory loss related to a psychological disorder. Until recently, her family struggled to maintain hope while her case went cold. However, a series of sightings last fall in Virginia and North Carolina reopened Renee’s case.

Road Scholar President James Barrett learned about LaManna’s case in March, after reading a story about her in a local newspaper. Barrett decided he wanted the company to do its part to help bring LaManna home. He got in touch with Margaret LaManna, M.D., Renee’s sister, and offered his company’s assistance.

Working alongside Dr. LaManna and other members of what Barrett has named “Team Renee”, Barrett came up with how Road Scholar could help. The company plans to unveil a new wrap promoting the search for LaManna on one its 53-foot trailers. Road Scholar also plans to include LaManna’s photo and information on the back doors of at least 50 of their trailers. This will mean that LaManna’s picture and information will travel on highways throughout the eastern United States, a key step in bringing LaManna home.

“We all have the same objective, and the objective is to get Renee home,” Barrett said.

Road Scholar has a long tradition of using its fleet to promote and support charitable causes. Road Scholar has supported a number of types of causes, including breast cancer research and autism awareness.

Barrett said he considers the efforts to help LaManna very special though. While Barrett noted the importance of the other causes the company supports, he admitted that those causes were probably causes “that are not going to go away in my lifetime, as much as I wish they would”. Working to help raise awareness about LaManna’s disappearance could have more immediate effects. “We could get across the finish line here,” Mr. Barrett said. “This one could definitely have a tangible outcome.”

Road Scholar Renee LaManna

Flyer with details about LaManna’s disappearance.

Road Scholar will choose between three potential wrap designs. Barrett said he hoped that the final design can be agreed upon quickly in order to get the trailer on the road as soon as possible.

The message on the trailer will be written in the first person, Barrett said. “We are going to try to have Renee ‘talk’ on the side of this truck: ‘I’m Renee. I’m lost. Find me,’ ” he said.

Road Scholar is also planning to launch a social media blitz to raise awareness. They will take to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about LaManna, as well as provide followers with a toll-free number that those with information about LaManna can call.

Renee LaManna grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Abington Heights  High School before earning her degree at the University of Scranton. She was 35 when she disappeared, and is now 56. Dr. LaManna said the last confirmed sighting of her sister was on February 28 in Asheville, North Carolina when a truck driver spotted Renee close to Interstate 26.

LaManna was also spotted a number of times in October near Rocky Mount, Virginia. A local citizen befriended LaManna after meeting her, but didn’t initially realize that she was a missing person. This woman took photos of LaManna, which are the first known pictures to be taken since her disappearance. The photos have been included on flyers circulating on social media sites. Those who have talked recently with LaManna reported that she told them she was trying to get to Florida to find her family.

Dr. LaManna said that the importance of Road Scholar’s contribution cannot be overstated. “This is so important for our ability to find Renee,” she said. “It will be greatly enhanced now with all these people looking.”

Mr. Barrett plans to reach out to other trucking companies, especially those which frequently travel in the Southeast corridor, and urge them to place Ms. Lamanna’s photo on their trucks as well. “I’m highly confident that if Renee is in that area, she will be found,” he said. “These truckers are alert to so many things.”

You can do your part to help bring Renee LaManna home. Truck drivers are encouraged to take to social media to get the word out about Renee LaManna. A flyer with details about LaManna can be found here. Additionally, drivers should remain alert and keep an eye out for LaManna while on the road. If you learn anything about Renee’s whereabouts, call Dr. Margaret LaManna at 561-339-2266. If drivers see LaManna, they are asked to take a picture, call 911, and alert Margaret LaManna. Let’s do all that we can to bring LaManna home today!

National Carriers Names First Female NCI Driver of the Year

National Carriers is excited to announce that Goldie Seymour, a Lease Operator from Wagoner, Okla., has been named the NCI 2014 Driver of the Year. This is the first time in National Carriers’ 47-year history that a woman has won Driver of the Year. The announcement was made at the NCI Driver of the Year banquet. Seymour received many gifts, including a check for $5,000, along with her award.National Carriers Award 2

President of National Carriers, Jim Franck said that Seymour exemplified what it means to be an “Elite” driver. “She always has a positive, can-do attitude. She goes out of her way to be professional in everything she does,” he said. As the first woman to earn the Driver of the Year honor at NCI, Franck added, “she is, I am sure, the first of many to come. Thank you for all you do, Goldie. It’s my privilege to work alongside you.”

Al Love, Director of Driver services, described Seymour as “a true professional” who was “always willing to help.”

Last year she worked on behalf of our recruiting team at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas,” said Love. “She also led in challenging our staff and drivers to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Goldie is truly ‘ELITE.”

Additionally, Jill Maschmeier, Director of Safety at NCI described Seymour as National Carriers “Go-to Gal”.

“She is so much more than delivering freight, said Maschmeier. Goldie is there when a driver needs a helping hand, when NCI needs help such as information about the weather in her area, as a participant in the ALS challenge – I could go on and on,” she said. “I am so proud to have her as part of our team here at National Carriers we are truly blessed by her dedication, energy and enthusiasm.”

Seymour echoed the positive feelings when speaking about National Carriers.

National Carriers Driver Goldie Seymour“Now that the shock has worn off, I want to thank all for granting me this honor,” Seymour said. “My journey with National Carriers, Inc. began with Ms. Gene Rose, a fantastic lady and a member of one of the better recruiting teams I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.”

Seymour credits much of her success to the other National Carriers employees with whom she has been able to work. Seymour has served as a Lease Operator since May 2014, training first under Kim Obholz, and later under Michael Ritchie. Seymour thanked her National Carriers team for helping her on her journey.

 “It’s been a fantastic journey and I am looking forward to many more years at National Carriers,” Seymour said. “I have to say thank you to Jim Franck, Al Love, and Ed Kentner, all the customer service representatives, load planners and mechanics. There are so many people involved in this journey and I want all to know I appreciate you each and every one.”


In addition to being named the NCI Driver of the Year, Seymour was named April 2015 Member of the Month by the Women in Trucking Association. Seymour talked with WIT about the growth that women in the trucking industry have seen over recent years, while noting that there was still room to grow.  “I’d like to see more women out here, just for the simple fact that they can do it!” said Seymour in a WIT press statement. “They have to go into it with an open mind. It’s not a cake walk. It takes a lot of hard work, but I couldn’t imagine not doing it,” she added.


Covenant Transport Named Wal-Mart’s Strength Through Partnership Carrier of the Year

Covenant Transport

Covenant Transport was recently recognized as Wal-Mart’s 2014 “Strength Through Partnership Carrier of the Year” at a ceremony in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the carrier’s headquarters.

Wal-Mart selected the trucking company as the lucky winner for its dedication to customer service, effective communication, and innovation in a changing industry.

 “Covenant Transport has consistently provided Wal-Mart with exceptional service, maintained excellent safety standards, and is a foremost leader in the transportation industry,” said Wal-Mart in a prepared statement.  “We look forward to continuing to grow our transportation alliance.”

 The carrier’s COO, Sam Hough, noted what an extreme honor it is to be chosen as the recipient of this award.

“This honor is indicative of the true partnership between our two companies that will, hopefully, continue long into the future,” said Hough.

Covenant Transport is a subsidiary of Covenant Transportation Group, Inc., which provides transportation services throughout the United States. Together, the consolidated group efficiently operates one of the 15 largest fleets in North America as measured by revenue.

Hill Brothers Transportation Rolls Out New Pay Package

Hill Brothers Transportation recently unveiled a new driver pay package and pay increase for over-the-road/national fleet drivers. The new pay package and increase took effect April 1st.

The Hill Brothers’ pay scale allows drivers to earn up to $.54 per mile, including Hazmat and bonuses. The new pay scale will also take into account the length of haul, allowing truck drivers to earn higher pay for longer hauls.

Hill Brothers Transportation

“We’ve listened to our drivers’ needs and have decided to create a new pay scale that gives them a sizable upgrade in earnings,” said Hill Brothers President Al Hill in a press statement.  “By doing this it allows us to put more money back in their pockets. Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to our drivers and customers.”

In addition to increased pay, Hill Brothers drivers also qualify for a number of other incentives, including medical, dental and life insurance as well as a $1,000 referral bonus.

Hill Brothers Transportation offers truckload service to the Midwest with a fleet of 350 tractors and 1,000 trailers. Hill Brothers have terminals and/or drop facilities in a number of different cities, including Commerce City Co, Dallas, TX, Kansas City, KS, Bolingbrook, IL, Omaha, NE, Des Moines, IA, Lincoln, NE and Calhoun, GA.

If you would like more information on beginning your career with Hill Brothers Transportation, visit the link above.