TMC Transportation Continues a Mission of Excellence

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Immediately recognizable for their glossy black paint jobs accented by the high shine of chrome, TMC Transportation’s fleet is the sharpest looking flatbed carrier on the road. TMC’s reputation extends far beyond their trucks as a stand out company that truckers want to become a part of in Des Moines, Iowa and throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Under Harrold Annett’s leadership, TMC embraces the motto, “Destination: Excellence” full-heartedly. The message is painted onto the back of their cabs, serving as a reminder that no matter how successful they have become in their 40 years with the trucking industry, they will always push harder, not growing complacent. This type of thinking has made TMC their own greatest competitor, pushing them in innovative ways to keep their edge in the trucking market. From the top down, emphasis is placed on quality, improvement, and performance.

TMC’s emphasis on excellence is not merely for their own benefit and growth. Truck Driving Jobs with TMC TransportationThe trucking company is aware of their community and actively seeks out ways to give back. Moving beyond their impact in Des Moines, TMC went to work raising funds for Wounded Warrior Project during the holiday season. In a coordinated effort between a Facebook friend drive and funds raised by employees, $10,000 total was donated to the non-profit.

Additionally, TMC has also committed to the “Hiring Our Heroes” program sponsored through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. By 2014, TMC is pledging to hire 500 veterans for their VA approved on the job training (OJT) program. OJT will give military veterans opportunities to use the skills and knowledge acquired during their recent service for employment transition into viable careers.

With this commitment to others, it is no surprise that TMC is also so willing to take care of their own. Offering a great benefits package and accommodating home time in addition to the good looking trucks, TMC’s dedication to excellence is also extended to their drivers. Living by example begins at the highest levels of the company and flows through at each level to be the best for customers and community. TMC is always looking for quality drivers who strive towards excellence both on and off the job and who share the values of hard work and integrity.