Trucking Community Rallies in Sandy’s Wake

As winds blew in with their full force and rain blasted from the skies with stinging intensity, the waters began to rise with the anxiety levels of every New England coastal resident. Though most probably couldn’t anticipate what the coming hours would bring, fewer probably understood what the other side of Hurricane Sandy was going to look like. But hundreds of miles away, some even thousands, truck drivers and their companies knew that there would be a need in New England and wheels were put on the road to meet them.

The trucking industry is always one of the first to mobilize towards a natural disaster; in most cases, before the storm hits. In the immediate hours following the tornado outbreaks that tore apart Alabama, North Carolina, and Indiana; before Hurricane Isaac could make landfall this past August; and with every ice and snow storm that carries the strength to cut power, semis laden with medical supplies, electrical equipment, food stuffs, and necessary commodities are already on the roll. Mike James, an owner operator from Davisburg, MI, was one of those truckers on the move with transformers for NYC before Sandy’s blow had reached full strength.

James’ relief efforts have been joined by several others in the trucking business. The truckers of this nation have proven the enormity of their hearts once again by lending trailers, time, and hands to the residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. A few of the spotlighted efforts include:

  • Wayne and Jennifer Piaggi, Adams, Mass, are owner operators collecting food and clothing donations for New Jersey communities.
  • AB Express and Dre’s Trucking, Kingstree, SC, are giving away Thanksgiving turkeys in exchange for monetary donations to the Red Cross.
  • Arabie Trucking, Lafourche Parish, LA, is collecting dry goods, food, clothing, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, blankets, and batteries in two trailers for Amityville, NY.
  • Cappello Trucking, Marlborough, Mass, has donated trucking services to transport supplies to the United Way of Ocean Country in New Jersey.
  • Kane is Able Trucking, Archbald, PA, is donating trucking services for a relief drive to aid the American Red Cross for metro New York.
  • An unnamed trucking company in the Kansas City, MO area is donated their services to transport toys for children in New York.

These drivers, their companies, and all of the many, many others who are doing everything in their power to help Sandy’s victims deserve the biggest pats on the back for a job well done. Bets are that the smiles and hugs, handshakes and horn pulls along the way are all the reward they need.


Focus on… Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline

At one time or another, nearly every truck driver passes through the city of Atlanta on the rush to transport goods not only across the South, but through the whole country. It is a city of growing promise and economic stability, two things that have been hard to come by for many others in recent years.

Atlanta has an environment suitable for anyone to find their niche. Whether it is an urban vibe of a thriving downtown lifestyle or more rural and relaxed country living, there are truck driving jobs that keep drivers hauling closer to home than ever before with all of the great benefits of being a part of a company and a part of a community. It is about being home.

The city sprang up around the intersection of two railroad lines but has grown to encompass so much more. A look at the map shows the knot of interstates and highways that now funnel into and around the metro Atlanta area, making it the Southeast’s primary transportation hub.

Among the expansive number of trucking companies that in Atlanta, there are a number of heavy hitters with plenty of job opportunities available for the ready and willing. Con-way, Knight, Heartland Express, and Transport America are just a few of the kings of freight that have terminals located around Atlanta. For those that prefer to work with a company a littler smaller, trucking companies such as Benton Express, Absolute Cargo, and Nippon Express offer a number of regional and local jobs.

For more information about trucking jobs in Atlanta, click here.

The Success of Bay and Bay Transportation

Truck drivers looking for a great employer may find just what they’re looking for at Bay & Bay Transportation based in Rosemount, MN. An article in Minneapolis’ Star Tribune printed on Nov. 4th, 2012, highlighted Sam Anderson, president and CEO of Bay & Bay Transportation. Writer Todd Nelson gave a subtle nod to our trucking publication, CCJ; the Commercial Carrier Journal Top 250 Listing has named Bay & Bay as one of the best trucking companies in the U.S. since 2008. Those companies listed are ranked for their revenue, fleet size, and employment base; a closer look at Bay & Bay reveals their strategy for success.

Anderson credits attention to the small details as the source of success. The company’s mission is a commitment to customer satisfaction and a re-investment to their employees and equipment. Its evident that this attention to detail works well and figures into their inclusion on CCJ‘s list. For drivers, Bay & Bay strives to create a great work environment where their employees are happy and productive. Satisfied employees lead directly to equally satisfied customers through great service and, again, attention to detail. Bay & Bay customers have noted over and over again how reliable and trustworthy the transportation company is with which to work.

Bay & Bay has come a long way from the two horse operation that gave it it’s name in 1941. Employing company fleet drivers and owner operators, the operation has grown to include multiple freight types beyond the original dry van branch they began with. Additionally, the logistics operations division that was added in 2003 has not only doubled but allowed for expansion into multi-modal and brokerage services as well.

From all angles, Bay & Bay is growing and looking forward to a long, prosperous future. They are expected to gross over $150 million in revenue this year, a huge increase from the $10 million in 2000. As they continue their growth track into new service areas, Bay & Bay will continue to grow their employee base to pass their family-owned values and commitment through.

If you’re interested in applying for a truck driving job visit Bay & Bay Transportation’s profile page.