ABF Freight of ArcBest Carrier Reveals 2018 Freight Team

double trailer for abf freightFor individuals interested in finding trucking jobs, there is one option that pays well and is sure to keep you busy. Team truck driving positions pair you with another Class A CDL truck driver. These team driving jobs ensure the truck you are driving hardly stops rolling. What that means for you is the opportunity to cover more miles faster and get more freight delivered. If you are a truck driver at ABF Freight, you can apply for a team driving job. And, you too could be one of the elite truck drivers on the ABF Freight Load Team in the near future. Learn more about this top performing group of team drivers and what it takes to be hired on by ABF Freight.

How to Be a Freight Load Team Member

Only a select few of ABF Freight team drivers are given the opportunity to join the company’s load team for the upcoming year. These members must excel at a number of truck driver skills that showcase their abilities. For starters, ABF Freight reviewed every candidate’s truck driver safety record to ensure these drivers are accident-free and incident-free. Personal integrity also plays a part in determining which team truck drivers deserve a spot on the team. Other qualities that are considered include each drivers ability to load trailers correctly, as well as their role in providing quality deliveries.

It is quite the honor for ABF Freight truck drivers who are given the chance to be on the annual freight load team. According to the Vice President of Service Center Operations at ABF Freight, Andy Upchurch, “Our Load Team members are an excellent representation of what makes us an industry leader in cargo handling. ABF employees, including our Load Team members, are known for providing superior customer service that includes a daily commitment to deliver freight damage-free and on time, along with a great experience for our customers.”

Here is the complete list of all the team truck drivers that make up the ABF Freight Load Team for 2018:

  • Tony Abitia of Pico Rivera, California
  • Steve Labonte of Enfield, Connecticut
  • Eli Carbonell of Miami, Florida
  • Chester Barr of Atlanta, Georgia
  • David Brol Juarez of Aurora, Illinois
  • Jim Lewis of South Chicago, Illinois
  • Brian Neuner of Louisville, Kentucky
  • Rob Hayes of Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Dan Peoples of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Jason Patti of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Don Carrick of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Mark Buroker of Dayton, Ohio
  • Dean McFarland of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Jon Lucas of Portland, Oregon
  • Stewart Hennion of Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Mike Kennedy of Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  • Kevin Teague of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Brock Brogdon of Dallas, Texas
  • Ben Mascaro of Salt Lake City, Utah

To be included on the 2018 Load Team for ABF Freight has several benefits. For starters, you are considered the best in the business for team driving positions. This automatically moves you up in the ranks to be eligible to work with the best paying shipping customers. After all, shippers want to be sure they can depend on truck drivers to handle their freight with the utmost in skill and professionalism. Being on the Load Team at ABF Freight signifies you can handle the job well.

Another benefit is that these truck drivers will have the honor of adding this prestigious title to their truck driving resume. If they ever need to search for other team truck driving jobs, they will have little trouble securing a top paying position at a trucking company. Either way, for truck drivers hoping to one day retire after doing the best job possible in their trucking career, the designation of Load Team Member is a great sign of a job well done.

Becoming a Team Driver for ABF Freight

If you are interested in finding a team truck driving job at ABF Freight with the hopes of one day joining this elite group, then start by searching for open positions. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we have everything you need to complete the job application process. Check out our current listings of open trucking jobs at ABF Freight to find a job near you and learn more about this trucking company. From there we help you out by submitting your truck driver application to ABF Freight, free of charge via the web. All you have to do is wait a short time to hear back from this carrier with news of your new truck driving team job.

Source: ArcBest – Press Release

Train as a Trucker in Chicago at Oakton Community College

truckers getting on the job trainingFuture truck drivers who live in the Chicago region have a new opportunity for training. At the Oakton Community College in Illinois, student drivers can receive commercial driver’s license training. The college also offers tuition assistance for eligible students. That means you can attend truck driving school and save money at the same time. Your truck driving career can be off and rolling thanks to this comprehensive CDL training course. Find out more about how to get started with trucking school in Chicago, IL at Oakton Community College.

About Chicago Trucking School

Truck driver training at Oakton Community College is available as one of the Career and Certificate Training tracks. As a student attending trucking school, you receive everything you need to be ready to get a CDL. The course is eight weeks and includes 160 course contact hours. It covers both the written material you need for the knowledge test, as well as behind the wheel training for the roads exam. Specific types of information included in the program are:

  • Individual driver training
  • Lab training using simulations
  • Classroom instruction
  • Trucking equipment fundamentals
  • Air brakes instruction
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection training
  • Logbook and trip planning

The program offers training via the Viking Driving School in Illinois. This enables student drivers to have access to the latest equipment and driver training lot. Classroom training is located at the Skokie Campus in Skokie, IL.

Trucking Company Partners

One of the benefits of going to truck driving school at OCC is the ability to connect with trucking companies in the area. In fact, several carriers are partners with the truck driver training program in Illinois. These include:

  • Drive This Truck
  • Evanston Lumber Company
  • New Way Logistics
  • Prime Line Transportation
  • Roehl Transport
  • Schneider National
  • US Xpress
  • West Side Transport

These trucking companies provide student drivers with valuable information about becoming a truck driver. For example, students might have lectures where trucking company representatives from these carriers come and answer questions from students. This type of opportunity lets students learn more about the real world of truck driving and how to pursue a trucking career. It also gives trucking students a chance to leave a great first impression with a potential trucking employer.

Trucking carrier representatives may also grant students with pre-hire letters. These letters serve as a ticket to trucking company orientation programs. By attending a truck driver orientation after trucking school, you learn everything that you need to know about training to be a driver at a particular carrier. Orientation sessions are also mandatory for many trucking companies as a way to vet potential drivers. More importantly, these sessions provide student drivers with a fast track to top paying trucking jobs.

How to Apply for Truck Driver Training

To apply for the truck driver training program at Oakton Community College, you will need to meet certain perquisites. You must be at least 18, or 21 if you plan to get a Class A CDL to drive across state lines. You will also be required to pass a drug test and Department of Transportation physical exam. This physical must be completed by a certified medical examiner.

If you pass the DOT physical exam successfully, the CME will give you a DOT certificate that you will need to present when getting your CDL at the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, you must keep the DOT certificate of health with you at all times once you become a truck driver. The school also requires you to have a good driving record, and either a high school diploma or your GED. Finally, to start the training program, you are required to register in advance and attend a screening event. Please note that not all applicants will be eligible for the training.

Paying for Chicago Trucking School

If you are looking for ways to pay for the Oakton Community College truck driver training program, you have several options for assistance. For starters, the college has a connection with the National Able Network via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. If you are eligible for this funding, it will cover most, if not all, of your trucking school tuition costs.

For student drivers who are not employed or who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits aka SNAP, there is an opportunity to receive grant money to pay for tuition. If you meet these low-income requirements, you will be able to go to trucking school for free for the entire eight-week program.

If being a truck driver in Chicago, Illinois is a goal for you, then the Oakton Community College training program may be an affordable path to your future career.

Source: Oakton Community College – Info

Ryder System is FL100+ Company for Software and Technology

truck for Ryder on the roadRyder System was recently named to the 2017 FL100+ list by Food Logistics. This list includes the top 100 carriers operating in the food and beverage supply industry. To be included in this group is quite the achievement. For Ryder, it also shows just how integrated and innovative the carrier is when it comes to implementing trucking software and technologies. See what set Ryder System apart from the competition in order for the company to be featured in this listing for 2017.

Ryder Offers Innovation in Technology

Ryder System has been around for a long time, having been established in 1933. The company has grown dramatically over the years and now employs more than 34,500 individuals. Along with this growth, Ryder has dedicated a great portion of its team members to the understanding and application of trucking technologies. Several of the solutions that Ryder uses today help the company provide more streamlined and beneficial services for shipping customers. These include:

  • Ryder Dedicated
  • Ryder Choice Lease
  • Ryder Select Care
  • Ryder Share

Take, for example, Ryder Share. This is the latest innovation produced by the transportation company. Ryder Share is a data tool that uses cloud services. It is also an agnostic platform, which means it is compatible to use with most computer operating systems and other software services. With Ryder Share, the carrier has been able to increase its visibility of its drivers, freight, shipping routes, and all other aspects of the logistics and distribution chain.

Customer Service Improved With Technology

For instance, when shipping customers in the food industry use Ryder System services, Ryder Share lets the carrier track the shipment. In addition, the cloud-based technology will track the temperature of the freight at all times. If there is a change of temperature at any point in the delivery route, the shipping customer is notified immediately. This allows customers to gain control and trust in the abilities of Ryder System truck drivers.

It also helps bring in new shipping customers who want to benefit from this kind of transparency with their freight. The more a shipping customer knows throughout a delivery, the more confident they are with the drivers’ abilities. This means fewer frantic calls to dispatchers and drivers from shippers who are concerned about their goods in transit.

About FL100+ List

The FL100+ List is a way for Food Logistics magazine to highlight those companies that are dedicated to safe, innovative supply chain services. These companies focus on utilizing the most effective and efficient software and technology in their industry. Ryder, with its implementation of Ryder Share, has evolved into one of the forerunners of supply chain tech, thereby securing the carrier’s position on the FL100+ List for 2017.

Ryder Careers for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver who is interested in propelling your trucking career, there is one sure fire way to do that. You want to work for a trucking company that is driven to apply the latest equipment and technology to improve the work environment. As a leader in the industry, Ryder System offers that opportunity. You can choose from an array of trucking jobs at Ryder for freight hauling via these positions:

  • Solo driving jobs
  • Team truck driving jobs
  • Flatbed trucking jobs
  • Military truck drivers
  • Part-time truckers
  • Owner-operators

The majority of trucking jobs at Ryder System are available east of the Mississippi River. However, there are also active jobs open in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The company has more than 800 truck driver centers coast to coast, which provides trucking services for long-haul drivers.

Other Awards of Ryder System

In addition to being recognized by Food Logistics as a 2017 FL100+, Ryder has received the following honors and awards:

  • Named Finalist for the U.S. Chamber’s Seventh Annual Hiring Our Heroes Award
  • Named Most Valuable Military Employer by CivilianJobs.com

Ryder is also an active partner with the Women In Trucking Association. This partnership allows women truck drivers to get scholarships for trucking school via the WIT group while driving a truck for Ryder System.

Apply for a Ryder Trucking Job Today

Whether you are a military truck driver, a woman driver, a student driver, or a seasoned veteran of the roads, there is a job opportunity for you at Ryder System. Prepare to be driving for a company that brings in modern technology to help drivers do their jobs faster and safer. If you are ready to apply for a trucking job, check out the path to success here at Trucker Classifieds. We have everything you need, in one place online and free of charge, for you to apply to Ryder for a truck driving position today.

Source: FL100+ – Info

Train to Be a Trucker in Nevada and Arizona at AIT

truck for the ait trucking schoolIndividuals in Nevada interested in becoming a truck driver have a valuable opportunity for training. The AIT Truck Driver Training school offers several courses for student drivers interested in starting a trucking career. You can choose a course that focuses solely on classroom and road skills, or opt for a program with an apprenticeship where you gain solo driving hours. Check out the four courses that AIT offers for student truckers in Nevada and Arizona.

Courses Available for Trucking Students

At AIT Truck Driver Training you can choose the training program that best suits your needs. The school offers the following courses:

  • Commercial truck driver training
  • Truck driver training course
  • Professional truck driver training
  • Diesel truck driver training

What’s the difference between the four?

Truck Driver Training Course

For entry-level trucking students who are just getting started, the truck driver training course offers basic knowledge of being a trucker. This course is for students working to get a commercial driver’s license. It includes classroom instruction covering Department of Transportation regulations and inspections, as well as trip planning and how to handle different types of cargo. Also, the course provides behind the wheel training over the road and range at the school.

Commercial Truck Driver Training

The commercial truck driver training goes a step further to provide students with CDL training, in addition to externships. This temporary training program places drivers with local trucking companies where they drive with trucking trainers. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain behind the wheel, driving experience that they need when applying for trucking jobs. By the time you complete the commercial truck driver training program, you have accumulated solo truck driver time for your trucking resume.

Professional Truck Driver Training

Students who want to go a step further with CDL training should consider the professional truck driver training course. This program offers the basics of being a trucker including classroom instruction and behind the wheel practice. However, you also get a more in-depth understanding of what it is like to be a professional truck driver.

You learn how to handle trucker finances, so you are better prepared to balance paying the bills back home with having enough money to run on each week you are over the road. The class also covers emergency procedures, extreme driving situations, CPR/First Aid training, and the use of specialized rigs for oversized loads. You also have the opportunity to apprentice at a local trucking company in Nevada or Arizona where you gain behind the wheel solo driving experience.

Diesel Truck Driver Training

Just like the professional truck driver course, the diesel truck driver training program is more extensive. You get the basics of how to earn a CDL, in addition to more knowledge about working in the Class 8 trucking industry. However, the difference is that with this course you do not get the externship opportunity.

Paying for Trucking School

The estimated cost of tuition for AIT is $9,450. However, that does not include books, supplies, living expenses, and other costs. Fortunately, the school offers financing, grants, and student aid, as well as the ability to use military veteran education funds. You can also get a tuition reimbursement from trucking companies hiring student drivers just out of trucking school. Start the process by contacting AIT Truck Driver Training.

Source: AIT – Info

SRT Drivers Receive Biggest Raise in Company History

Up to 6-cent-per-mile increase is second pay bump in six months for a refrigerated carrier, as company officials double down on recruiting and retaining driving talent!

More money, no tricks – it’s the message Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT) officials are sending drivers with the announcement of a pay increase which will result, depending on years of experience, in an up to 6-cent-per-mile increase for mileage-based drivers. The pay increase is the greatest of its kind at SRT in more than 30 years in business, and it comes on the heels of a 1 cent-per-mile driver pay hike which rolled out Oct. 2017.

Billy Cartright, COO at SRT, said the recent pay increases reflect the company’s dedication to treating its people right and to ensuring SRT is a great place to work for both current and future drivers. “Our drivers didn’t want another bonus, which you see so often throughout the industry,” he said. “They wanted a pay increase they can see every week on their paycheck.” And Cartright said the good news for SRT drivers doesn’t end with simply making more money. Utilization at the company is up, which means drivers can expect to make more money and move more miles in 2018.

Terri Lafayette, director of recruiting at SRT, said the pay increase is exciting, as it puts the results of drivers’ hard work and many days away from home back into their own pockets. She said combined with existing bonuses – which pay up to 12 cents-per-mile — and recently-announced winter holiday pay, this driver pay raise also helps set SRT apart from the pack when it comes to recruiting new drivers. “There are a lot of companies competing for drivers today,” she said, “but not all of them are willing to invest in their people once they have them.”

At SRT however, Lafayette feels the company has its priorities straight. “Our drivers are the backbone of everything we do,” she said. “Without them, none of the rest of us would be here. So it’s fitting we show them how important they are to us, and to SRT.”

The new pay raise is adjusted for factors including experience and tenure with the company and officially goes into effect for all mileage-based SRT drivers on March 11. To learn more about Southern Refrigerated Transport, or to apply for a driving job, visit www.southernref.com.

About Covenant Transport Services

Covenant Transport Services is a registered tradename of Covenant Transport, Inc., Covenant Transport Solutions, Inc., Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc. and Star Transportation, Inc. Covenant Transport Services represents more than 30 years of expertise and leadership in expedited and team truckload; temperature-controlled truckload; dedicated truckload; and managed transportation services. Covenant Transport Services is represented by a national enterprise-wide sales team. Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. (CTG) is the parent holding company for several transportation providers that offer premium services for customers throughout the United States and Mexico. The consolidated group includes operations from Covenant Transport, Inc. and Covenant Transport Solutions, Inc., of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc., of Texarkana, Ark.; and Star Transportation, Inc., of Nashville, Tenn. In addition, Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC, of Chattanooga, Tenn. is an integral affiliated company providing revenue equipment sales and leasing services to the trucking industry. CTG’s Class A common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select market under the symbol, “CVTI”.

Landstar Honors Truck Driver With Lifetime Achievement Award

landstar truck stopped of trainA truck driver at Landstar, a trucking company based in Jacksonville, Florida, has won one of the highest honors in the industry. Trucker Conrad Price was given the carrier’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the company’s All-Star Celebration in 2017. While you would think this award is given to individuals who have rounded out their trucking career, that’s not the case with Price. He is set to break Landstar driving records by continuing to drive safely over the road as a truck driver. Meet this outstanding truck driver and learn more about how Landstar drivers can work toward this prestigious award.

Meet Conrad Ray Price

Conrad Price, better known as Ray, is based in Cookeville, Tennessee. His wife Donna resides there while Price takes over the road trucking jobs for Landstar. She is also the main reason he wants to return home safely after going out on the road for trucking jobs. Price is a lease owner who operates for the Landstar fleet where he has been a driver since 1989.

By 2000 he had achieved his first safe mile award after hauling for more than one million miles safely. Six years later he reached the two million safe mile marker. Now, in those 29 years, he has managed to successfully drive 3.5 million miles without an accident.

After reaching each of these lofty safe driving goals, Price was given the honor and recognition of being named a:

  • One Million Mile Safe Driver title
  • Two Million Mile Safe Driver title
  • Landstar Roadstar title

Today he can also add another title to that list thanks to receiving the Landstar’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Is the sky the limit from there? Price thinks so. He already has his sights set on the next goal: “I want to be the first Five Million Mile Safe Driver with Landstar. That’s my goal and I think I can do it.”

It looks like he is on the right track for this success. However, achieving these awards is another matter entirely. In fact, when Price was told that he was going to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, Price said, “You know, this award, it makes all the hard work worth it. I was extremely surprised and humbled.”

About Landstar Lifetime Achievement Award

So how do truck drivers for Landstar receive this major award for their hard work as a truck driver? Drivers need to have the Two Million Mile Safe Driver title, as well as the Landstar Roadstar title—both of which Price had achieved in years prior. From there, the truck driver must also maintain a high level of professionalism.

This means they need to have a good reputation in the industry and be able to work as a team with other Landstar employees. In addition, these truckers are expected to treat customers and agents with the utmost professionalism on a regular basis. Only the best truck drivers will be able to meet these goals, which Price proves is possible.

In regard to the recognition of Price, Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni stated, “The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award is the perfect way to honor Ray’s years of service and safe driving. This award is a testament to the values that guide Ray in both his personal and professional life.”

Truck Driving Jobs at Landstar

If you are considering a truck driving career at Landstar, one of the safest carriers in the US, then now is the prime time to submit your trucking application. The company has a fleet of more than 9,000 owner-operators who are leased to the company. In addition, Landstar features more than 44,000 capacity haulers who are networked with the carrier.

As an owner-operator looking for trucking jobs at Landstar, the company provides the opportunity to be your own boss with a stable roster of hauls. The haul types that are handled by Landstar truck drivers include:

  • Truckload dry van hauling
  • Flatbed trucking jobs for step deck trailers, heavy hauling, and specialized freight loads
  • Less-than-truckload freight
  • Expedited freight loads
  • Emergency freight hauls
  • Border crossing trucking jobs
  • Rail intermodal loads
  • Temperature controlled refrigerated hauling

When you are leased to Landstar you also benefit from having access to late model equipment and modern trucking technology. The company prides itself on implementing innovative trucking solutions to help drivers safely navigate the highways and byways for every freight load hauled.

Applying for Trucking Jobs Today

To get started with applying, check out the trucking jobs currently offered here at Trucker Classifieds. Search for jobs to see if the carrier has openings in your region. From there you can submit your job application for free using our secure and simple online process.

Source: Landstar – News

National Tractor Trailer School in NY Military Friendly

Trucks parked at Flying J with a DennysThe National Tractor Trailer School is a truck driver training center with locations in Liverpool and Buffalo, New York. Students living in New York who want to train to be a commercial truck driver can graduate from here with the skills needed for their career. The school is also recognized as a Military Friendly School, which means it provides military service men and women with the tools they need to be professional truckers. Check out what it takes to be a Military Friendly school and how you can attend trucking school in New York at the NTTS.

About Military Friendly Employers

Military Friendly is a program that identifies and recognizes the employers around the US that are, well, military friendly. What does this mean? These employers go above and beyond the basic requirements for Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. They work with military members and veterans to help them achieve their civilian career goals. The National Tractor Trailer School in New York has been a Military Friendly school since 2015.

Going to Trucking School in New York

In addition to being a Military Friendly truck driver training school, the NTTS has been serving the trucking industry since 1971. Along the way, the school has achieved accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The school is also offering truck driving courses that are Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) certified. This ensures that students at this trucking school in New York are getting the best training in the industry. It prepares student drivers for the rigors of the road and to be able to excel on their CDL exam.

Trucking School for Military Drivers

The National Tractor Trailer School is focused on training active duty and military veterans to be truckers. These soldiers may have military driving experience, or they can be transitioning into a civilian career and need guidance. The NTTS is also dedicated to providing training for active duty military members based on Fort Drum in New York. As someone who has been in the military, you may have GI Bill benefits that you can use to pay for trucking school. The National Tractor Trailer School recognizes this and understands the route to take for securing these benefits for you.

Thanks to the extensive experience with working with soldiers and veterans training to be truckers, the NTTS is well equipped to provide all necessary services. It is a great resource for student drivers with military backgrounds who simply want to get started with a commercial truck driving career.

Enrolling in New York Trucking School

While the NTTS provides extensive training opportunities for service members, the school also trains civilians. To get started, you’ll need to be 18 years old and have your GED or high school diploma. From there you will also need to have a valid driver’s license. Before you can start the training, you will be required to pass a DOT drug and alcohol test, as well as a DOT physical exam. This is part of the process of getting your CDL, and all trucking schools require this step.

Before you start trucking school in New York at the NTTS, request a school tour and personal interview. The school provides free tours for interested applicants, which gives you the insight toward whether you feel the program is the right fit for you. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions about admissions, courses, job placements, and training on the road.

Courses Offered at the NTTS

As a student enrolled at the National Tractor Trailer School, you will be provided with a comprehensive education. This includes both classroom instruction and behind the wheel training. The school also has a laboratory where you can use driver simulation technology to practice your skills.

The school offers several programs that are geared at specific driving needs and experience levels. For someone who wants to learn everything they can before becoming a truck driver, or who has zero experience, the Advanced Commercial Driver’s Course is the way to go. This course offers 602 hours of instruction and experience. It is ideally suited for future company drivers, owner-operators, and heavy trucking job applicants.

If you have limited time to train to be a trucker, consider the Commercial Driver’s Course. This class runs for 302 hours and is an expedited program. While you still gain all of the skills you need to pass a CDL exam, you have less time in which to grasp the concepts. However, if you have some experience in trucking and are able to practice on your own, this might be a class for you.

There are two location-specific programs. Active duty soldiers can take the Contract Training Course at Fort Drum, which is a 225-hour program. IN=n addition, there is a program located in Buffalo that takes only 178.5 hours to complete. This is an intermediate course that requires students to have some of the wheel knowledge. For students interested in getting a Class B CDL the school provides a heavy driver course that is a 90-hour program. This is better suited for local drivers of straight delivery trucks or dump trucks.

Source: Military Friendly – Schools

Belmont Enterprises Joins the Daseke Trucking Carrier Smokey Point Distributing

Trucker with semi truckOne of the flatbed trucking companies that is part of the Daseke community of carriers has recently expanded its operations. Smokey Point Distributing of Arlington, Washington has recently acquired the trucking company Belmont Enterprises. As another Washington trucking company, Belmont Enterprises is based in Olympia. Learn more about the reasons SMD decided to purchase Belmont Enterprises and what to expect from these carriers in the future.

Trucking Companies in Washington Join Forces

What do Smokey Point Distributing and Belmont Enterprises have in common? Besides being two of the most efficient trucking companies in the Pacific Northwest, these Washington trucking carriers are focused on flatbed hauling. However, these companies don’t just throw loads on flatbed trailers and call it a day. They are focused on specialized freight hauling for glass shipping customers.

That’s right, these two glass haulers have fused to create one serious glass hauling competitor to other flatbed carriers around town. By offering some of the most advanced technologies and haul capabilities, these two carriers proved to one another that they have what it takes to make for one powerful flatbed carrier in this niche market.

Belmont Enterprises owner Jack Belmont said, “I wouldn’t merge with just anyone. I knew SPD was the right choice. I trust Dan. I care very deeply about the future of our people. I know his team understands how to work in a niche market by providing outstanding customer service. Belmont Enterprises has the full backing of SPD and Daseke. The future is bright.”

Regarding the acquisition, the owner of Smokey Point Distributing is excited to make this partnership happen. According to the Smokey Point Distributing CEO and president Dan Wirkkala, “There is a lot of synergy between our two companies in philosophy, customer service, and ethics, Belmont Enterprises began operation in the 1970s by Jack and Mary Jo Belmont with just one truck.

As CEO, Jack Belmont has since done a wonderful job developing a premier West Coast glass hauling business. I’ve known Jack for 20 plus years, and have always been impressed with his business. We will add technological resources, such as our transportation management system and the consolidated purchasing power of Daseke to compliment his current operations. This will make us all even stronger and more efficient.”

Daseke Expands Glass Hauler Services

For truck drivers who have been paying attention, the parent company Daseke recently acquired another trucking company specializing in glass hauling. Daseke, which owns Smokey Point Distributing, added Moore Freight Service, another glass hauling carrier. In fact, MFS was more than just your average glass hauler. According to Wirkkala, “Moore Freight Service, one of the largest glass haulers in the country, recently joined the Daseke family of companies. There is great synergy between Belmont Enterprises and SPD, which will further assist Daseke’s focus on expanding its services to the glass industry.”

Following this latest merger, Daseke is fast becoming the biggest flatbed glass hauling company in the US and in North America. More importantly, this makes Daseke’s companies including Moore Freight Service, Belmont Enterprises, and Smokey Point Distributing, the leaders in glass hauling services. By combining the industry experience and knowledge of this specialized type of hauling, these companies can bank on expansion with their customer base. After all, glass shippers want to choose the carrier that can provide the latest technologies and methods in glass hauling without leaving them broken at the distribution point.

Truck Driving Jobs for Glass Haulers

If you are interested in hauling glass, now is the perfect time to start driving for one of these three leaders in glass hauler services. By choosing to get a trucking job with these Daseke trucking companies, you put yourself in the driver’s seat for a substantial and high paying trucking career. To apply for truck driving jobs check out our services at Trucker Classifieds.

We offer online trucking job applications for glass hauling carriers. All you have to do is fill out your online application and submit it via the web. We handle the processing and save your information for future job application submissions. We are also the leaders in trucking company information to help you choose the best top paying carrier for your next trucking job. So break out into the glass hauling industry by submitting your trucking application to one of these Daseke companies today–Smokey Point Distributing or Moore Freight Services. You will be in the driver’s seat of a great career.

Source: Daseke – Press Release

Werner Enterprises Fourth Year as Technology Leader by Food Logistics

werner enterprises flatbed truck on the roadBeing a trucking company in the 21st century requires the use of technology. Thanks to software, smartphone apps, and wireless internet capabilities, truck drivers and carriers are moving freight more efficiently. One prime example of this is Werner Enterprises, a trucking company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Werner was recently recognized for its achievements with technology by the Food Logistics magazine. Find out what it takes to be on the Top Software and Technology Provider FL100+ list.

Leader in Trucking Technology

As one of the 2017 FL100+, Werner Enterprises has continued its record by being featured on this list every year from 2014 to 2017. That shows a strong dedication to utilizing the best trucking technology and software available. It also proves that Werner has the insight and equipment to help them meet these tech goals. Check out the top areas where Werner Enterprises uses software and technology to improve trucking efficiencies:

  • Barcode systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data synchronization
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Freight payment
  • Global trade management
  • Inventory control
  • Load planning
  • Mobile technology
  • Predictive analytics
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • Systems integration
  • Transportation management system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Wireless technology
  • Yard management

In fact, among the other 159 companies included on the FL100+ by Food Logistics, Werner is using more technologies identified by Food Logistics than most of the other companies listed. President and Chief Executive Officer Derek Leathers said of the recognition, “Werner places a high priority on our strategic investments in software and technology that help us enhance supply chain visibility for our customers, increase efficiency and advance our sustainability initiatives.”

About the Food Logistics List

This is the 14th year that Food Logistics magazine has chosen the top software and technology providers in the US. The companies up for selection are all involved in food and beverage industries in some way. For example, with Werner Enterprises the Nebraska trucking company provides refrigerated hauling and long-haul freight for food and beverage customers. To be selected for this prestigious listing, companies must show how they provide efficiencies in transportation and warehousing of products.

In addition, companies must prove they have safe operations, reduce waste, and practice compliance. For a trucking company like Werner Enterprises, this is already a part of the daily routine. Truck drivers for Werner take pride in being safe drivers and following DOT regulations. So getting recognized for these efficiencies is just icing on the cake for this Midwest trucking company.

Getting a Trucking Job at Werner

If you want to join a leader in the trucking industry, Werner Enterprises is now hiring truckers for several types of trucking jobs. These include:

  • Less than truckload freight hauling
  • Long haul trucking jobs
  • Regional freight hauling
  • OTR trucking jobs
  • Dry van hauls
  • Flatbed trucking jobs including RGN and step deck trailers
  • Oversized loads
  • Specialized freight hauling
  • Bulk or commodity trucking jobs
  • Refrigerated hauling
  • Team driving positions

If you have experience in either of these haul types, then you may be an ideal candidate for a top paying trucking job. In addition, Werner hires company drivers, as well as owner-operators and fleet owners. Best of all, you may be eligible for a substantial sign-on trucking bonus. Right now, dry van truck drivers and dedicated haulers can get a $5,000 sign-on bonus to be paid out within the first six months of hauling for Werner. Team truck drivers are also eligible for the $5,000 sign-on bonus.

Student Drivers at Werner Enterprises

What if you lack any truck driving experience or don’t even have your commercial driver’s license? Well, you are in luck. Werner has a Student Driver Program that helps you get the behind the wheel experience you need. You receive paid training with a qualified trainer at the rate of $550 a week for the first 275 hours of training. After that, you are able to pass a road test and get your own truck to start earning the big bucks.

If you have already graduated from trucking school, you may qualify for the tuition reimbursement program. That means you can go to truck driver training school for free while getting a trucking job right out of the CDL training program.

Military Truck Drivers

If you are in the military as an active Reservist or in the National Guard, or you are a military veteran looking for a civilian trucking job, Werner offers quite the advantage. Through the carrier, you can sign up for the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. You can earn up to $23,714 in GI Bill benefits as you apprentice to be a truck driver. You can also get tuition reimbursement if you attend truck driving school prior to the program.

Once in the apprenticeship program, you gain commercial driving skills and behind the wheel experience that allows you to kickstart your professional trucking career. Best of all, you are already in the position of driving for one of the most tech-savvy and forward-thinking trucking companies in the industry. It’s a great position to be in for a new truck driver searching for trucking jobs.

Source: Werner Enterprises – Press Releases

TAZ Trucking in Kentucky Expands Trucking Business

White Truck Cruising on County RoadFor the owners of TAZ Trucking, the dream of owning a 55-square-foot trucking terminal has been a long time coming. The owners, Tahir Zukic and Amira Zukic are natives of Bosnia who lived in Germany before immigrating to the US. Today the Zukics have gone from nothing to a trucking business that is growing fast and hiring new truck drivers. Check out the inspiring story behind this trucking company in Kentucky, and find out how you can get a trucking job at TAZ Trucking.

From Humble Beginnings

When husband and wife Tahir and Amira moved to the US, Tahir had a dream of starting a trucking company. Tahir adds that he “always liked American trucks and dreamed of driving one.” Yet when the couple arrived in the Southeast they didn’t even speak English, much less know how to establish a trucking business.

In fact, that was one of the first hurdles Tahir had to overcome. He had to learn to speak and read English fluently to be able to take the CDL examTahir was committed to the dream, and soon after he was rolling down the highway in his own big rig in 2004 when the Zukics started their own trucking business. Within a decade he and wife Amira had built up one of the biggest trucking companies in Kentucky, TAZ Trucking.

Now the company is bringing in a revenue of more than $20 million annually. In addition, TAZ Trucking was selected by the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for a Business Expansion Award. This award is allowing the trucking carrier to continue to grow its business in the right direction.

Expanding Trucking Operations

Today TAZ Trucking is running full speed and seeking to expand. Thanks to the Business Expansion Award, the owners are upgrading the existing trucking terminal. For 2018 the company will say goodbye to the current facility’s 8,000-square-feet of space. In its place in the South Industrial Park TAZ Trucking will amp up its capabilities in a 55,000-square-foot building. The new trucking terminal will have half a dozen service bays to better equip Kentucky truck drivers for the company.

Truck Driving Jobs at TAZ Trucking

To continue to increase trucking hauls TAZ Trucking owner Tahir will be focused more on handling dispatch, in addition to working as a diesel mechanic. His wife Amira will continue to work as the office manager and bookkeeper. In order to keep up the pace, TAZ Trucking is going to need to hire more truck drivers.

However, the company is searching for quality truck drivers. Tahir understands there is a driver shortage, yet he doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. In addition, Tahir said, “Eighty to 85 percent of my drivers stay with me for 10 years or more. Not a lot of younger people are doing it now. You have to treat drivers right if you want to keep them. It’s easy to buy a truck, but you need to make sure your drivers are happy.”

This new expansion will open the doors for at least 15 new trucking jobs for drivers at TAZ Trucking. The company hires drivers for the following types of trucking jobs:

  • Full truckload trucking jobs
  • Less than truckload jobs
  • Long haul trucking
  • Local trucking jobs
  • Trailer drop services
  • Team driving jobs for expedited hauls

The company provides jobs for dry van loads, hazardous materials hauling, and nonhazardous goods. Drivers haul freight throughout the Lower 48 states while utilizing the latest model equipment for freight services. In addition, as TAZ Trucking expands in 2018 the goal will be to include in-house freight and cargo dispatching. This is set to amp up the capabilities of this Kentucky trucking company. TAZ Trucking’s terminals also include a truck wash bay that allows drivers to maintain their rigs on site. The company also provides in-house diesel tech services including maintenance and repair to ensure drivers are operating in A-plus condition for each and every haul.

Drivers for TAZ Trucking will be in a prime place for getting the best paying freight out of the Southeast, and the Bowling Green area in particular. If you are interested in driving a truck for a local trucking company in Kentucky that is focused on quality drivers, then TAZ Trucking has a position for you. Submit your application to TAZ Trucking today to get started with this carrier and expand your job opportunities as a commercial truck driver in Kentucky.